The Best Acronyms to Replace SEO


You have to admit: it didn’t work out! Your quest to replace the stigma of SEO was futile until now!

You are still an SEO.

Everybody still considers SEO a dirty word though so you may have decided to quit SEO as a belated April Fools joke.

There is one problem remaining though. How to call yourself now? All the marketing terms are already used by real marketers with university degrees in marketing and 30 years of experience.

Words everybody understands like findability do not sell incredibly expensive SEO services

as they don’t sound enough like magic. So what now? You need a new acronym. Also you need an acronym that is positive and doesn’t have the bad rep of SEO.

I have repurposed a few common acronyms with a positive or ironic vibe that could readily replace SEO, here are the best ones:

  1. LOL (love of links)
  2. ROFL (relationship optimization for links)
  3. UFO (user findability optimization)
  4. SEX (search engine experimentation)
  5. COMA (content marketing)
  6. people oriented optimization – POO
  7. OMG as in Online MarketinG

I understand that it will be difficult to rank for those as they get used by average people for different meanings but who cares?

After all we’re SEOs! We will optimize our sites and get tons of links and ultimately outrank all the other sites.

I just wonder which of these ideas is really the best one. Which one do you prefer? Personally I tend to focus on people

People oriented optimization is what SEO 2.0 is about at its core. I guess some people think that acronym stinks though!

Last updated: May 15th, 2018.