LOL: The Positive Brand of SEO!

A funny looking cat with an open mouth and surprised eyes.

SEO is a Problem – We Need a Solution

SEO is ugly. Why? I did not say this. Don’t kill the messenger! Most people who hear SEO think spam.

marketing is not SEO and can’t replace SEO. Also nobody wants to go the easy route and say findability!

After all clients would understand what’s going on and thus the magic of SEO would vanish.

There is only one solution to rebrand SEO in a positive manner! We need another acronym!

I have ruminated in my cave in the mountains for a few weeks and I have come up with the perfect solution!

We have to adopt an already existing acronym everybody knows. Also it has to be a very positive one.

SEO is Dead, Long Live LOL!

No, we can’t keep SEO and just attach an “2.0” or something!

We need something better! LOL! Yes. LOL as in Love of Links!

What is the most important thing both in SEO and SEO 2.0?

It’s the links. In SEO you would swap them or buy them. In SEO 2.0 you

  • earn
  • attract
  • or simply get

them by building stronger real life connections or links with industry peers.

In any way it’s about links, love and relationships. Thus LOL is the one logical rebranding of SEO.

I hope many people in the LOL industry will join me and spread the gospel of LOL.

LOL can even include the black hat SEO aspect. You just explain it differently: “Lunatics Offering Links” for example.

In any case clients that is people who don’t get SEO also don’t get LOL so we can sell LOL to them for lots of money while findability and such crap could only bring meager revenue.

Thus from now on LOL is the new positive brand of SEO!

Why We Need LOL Instead of SEO

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