Do Not Read This Reverse Psychology Primer for Bloggers!

Upside down skyline viewed though a camera lens is flipped.

What the heck is reverse psychology?

It’s getting someone to do what you want by asking for the opposite!

It can be a neat trick, if done well. You’re reading, right?

So how can bloggers employ reverse psychology?

Examples of Reverse Psychology in the Wild

In 1975, Freddie Mercury wrote and recorded Bohemian Rhapsody, a song that ran six minutes – unusually long for a song.

By now it is one of the greatest hits of all times. In 1975 he knew though it was going to be tricky to get radio stations to play it in its entirety.

Unsure what to do, Freddie sent a copy to a DJ friend, asking for advice on the length (cut it or not).

He sent along strict instructions “Do NOT broadcast this.” Think he was onto something?

More recently, this type of negative word play has been appearing on the Web.

Search Engine Land had a tab that said “Don’t click here.”

Of COURSE I clicked, and was met with: “We’ve got something shiny and cool coming here in early July.”

The content was a teaser, piquing curiosity, and it worked. For a period of 20 days 1713 people clicked on the link;

How to Follow the Rules like Everybody Else

Why don’t more people use this technique on the Web?

Probably because we’re afraid.

See, those of us that write on the Web accept the basic rules of writing;

  • use the active voice
  • write in plain English
  • use personal pronouns
  • present tense
  • positive rather than negative words…

We want people to enjoy our writing.

So we tend to go with the flow rather than try for something different!

Yet “something different” is exactly what SEO 2 is all about.

Bloggers Who Successfully Used Irony in Headlines

You can’t help but smile when you read Yvonne Russell’s list of how to comment on blog posts.

Titled “Tips to Make Other Bloggers Hate You – Comment Crazy” it tells you what you shouldn’t do when you comment on posts.

It works because there are hundreds of blog posts out there titled “How to comment on blogs.”

This one throws in a free giggle. My favorite line: “Never reply to comments at your blog – you are far too busy.”

Web Analytics is hard; getting your head around it is much easier with a smile on your face.

“21 Reasons Why You Do NOT Need Web Analytics,” from Web Analytics World, gives you some insight without overloading your brain.

My favorite is number 3: “Most popular products? Who cares, you already know what your customers want.”

On a more practical level, Jonathan Kranz uses reverse psychology in screening potential clients:

“10 Reasons NOT to Hire Me” is a comical, yet witty look at his work ethic.

The headline makes you want to read it.

The comical slant makes it easier to read, but his values are clearly defined.

The Fresh Approach to Be Smarter Than Average

There is freshness in this approach – you know what you’re getting yourself in for, and he knows you have similar goals.

SEO 2 is all about working smarter, not harder!

If you haven’t given this technique any thought before, why not give it a shot;

Just make sure you do it right:

Or don’t do it at all!

Stop reading now!

Reverse Psychology Rules to Ignore

So what are the reverse psychology rules for blogging the SEO 2 way?

I implore you not to read on! Do not use these techniques!

Or at least when you do, do it at your own peril!

  • Remember, everything in moderation. You shouldn’t do this often; rather, keep it for that really brilliant post you’ve been thinking about. Then get it out to social networking sites.
  • Write compelling content. Don’t just put a title up there, it’s not enough. There is no point in bringing people to your site if they are met with nothing. Think of Freddy Mercury – give them something great.
  • Have fun with it. If you have an idea for a terrific story, try playing with the words so your visitors can smile – even laugh – while they learn.
  • Arouse curiosity. Like Danny, give your readers something to look forward to; but always, always deliver.
  • Don’t be sneaky!

Now please don’t tell anybody else about these highly secret techniques! Killer headlines and blog posts may be lethal!

Do not try this at home!

This is a contribution by the fabulous Lidija Davis. Thank you Lidija!

Updated: April 9th, 2018. I changed the teaser image and added more line breaks, white space and text formatting.