Social Media Management: How to Fix Mistakes Business People Make

Can you believe it? The role of social media manager is commonplace by now, yet…  Most business people still make the same mistakes on social media.  They harm their business by risking their reputation, traffic and ultimately bottom line! How…

Blogging Tools You Probably Aren’t Using to Scale Your Blog

Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can easily increase your efficiency of blog growth by using a few new and some already popular tools.

Read on to discover the tools used by bloggers!

Organic Pinterest Marketing Strategy to Reach Millions

Pinterest has been in the news at the beginning of 2021. Why? Its share price grew by 270% on the stock market in 2020. Let’s consider an organic Pinterest marketing strategy … that allowed me to reach millions of viewers on the site itself.

Niche Keyword Research for Small Businesses Using Free Tools

Let’s face it! You’re not the owner of Amazon, Google or Wikipedia! Not even close! As a freelancer or small business you most probably optimize for a niche audience. Your website can’t compete with the behemoths of the Web!

5 Essential LinkedIn Content Techniques to Mesmerize Your Audience

List of 5 must-do content techniques that you can implement on Linkedin to make your content highly engaging and differentiate your brand from the competition.

How Embedding YouTube Videos on Your Blog Backfires

Many bloggers add YouTube videos to their posts. Often the whole post consists of a video. Here are the most common ways how embedding YouTube videos on your blog backfires.

Private Search: How Can You Protect Yourself Online from Unwanted Looks?

Outside we wear clothing to protect our intimate parts from the looks of others. At home we have curtains, roller blinds or shutters. And online? Private search!

Free Blogger Outreach Template

As you might have noticed I’ve been talking about outreach and more specifically blogger outreach repeatedly.

I’ve done lots of outreach myself as well over the years. This time I want to go beyond mere advice.

The “Content is King” Quote Meaning – It’s Not What You Think

You have probably heard the “content is king” quote a hundred times already.

Did you ever wonder about the actual meaning of it? It’s not what you think!

How to Get Backlinks and Engagement on Social Media Effortlessly [Examples]

When it comes to spreading the word online search is still the most significant way to get traffic for most websites. To get ranked high on Google you need backlinks. How to get them effortlessly?

How to Use Instagram Marketing for Business? Influencers Can Promote You!

How to use Instagram marketing for business? You may be tempted to simply join the site and create content for it. Big mistake! Influencers can promote your business much more effectively.

What rel=”nofollow UGC sponsored” Really Means – Not What it Says

You know what the “nofollow” attribute does. It cripples hyperlinks … for Google.

Now we have more of those attributes! What do they really mean?

What’s Your Name and How to Use it for a Site or Blog?

Hello! My name is John Smith! You can call me agent Smith. What’s your name? Come on! That’s an innocent question, isn’t it? OK, I admit it! I tricked you. My name is not Smith. It could have been though….

Can a Google Partner Help With SEO?

In recent years most former SEO agencies have become Google Partners that is they buy enough Google ads to be eligible for that badge in the first place. Can they really also help with SEO though?

How to Make Your Website User Friendly Like Fashion Magazines

There is a whole lot digital media could learn about making user friendly websites from the rules and practices applied by their printed counterpart, especially glossy fashion magazines.

How to Optimize Your Website for Privacy to Gain More Business

When it comes to online business: are you a creepy stalker invading people’s privacy for profit? Or do you optimize your website for privacy? Do you have dozens of trackers installed on your site?

The FIRE UP Approach: How to Optimize Websites for People

How do you optimize websites for people that is actual readers who are suffering from chronic attention shortage? You need to make them findable, intriguing, readable, engaging, usable, popular or in short “fire up“. “fire someone up – Fig. to…

Platform Independent Online Publishing

Platform independence is a term known from programming. It’s not solely about software though. In reality it matters for website owners and online publishers as well. How to become independent from Google and Facebook?

How to Work Remotely Without Going Crazy

Many of us regard 9 to 5 office jobs as pure hell and dream of working remotely. It seems like a dream come true but is it really that simple?

Working remotely doesn’t mean you don’t have a boss anymore and there are some challenges you’ll have to face along the way.

25+ Shocking Remarks on Search & Social Media to Ruin the Holidays

It’s the holiday season again. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always a time when we are confronted with real life. We can’t connect to Facebook all the time, tinkering with websites is frowned upon by partners, children and other…

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