How to Use Instagram Marketing for Business? Influencers Can!

How to use Instagram marketing for business? You may be tempted to simply join the site and create content for it. Big mistake! Influencers can promote your business much more effectively.

What rel=”nofollow UGC sponsored” Really Means!

You know what the “nofollow” attribute does. It cripples hyperlinks … for Google.

Now we have more of those attributes! What do they really mean?

What’s Your Name and How to Use it for a Site or Blog?

Hello! My name is John Smith! You can call me agent Smith. What’s your name? Come on! That’s an innocent question, isn’t it? OK, I admit it! I tricked you. My name is not Smith. It could have been though….

What is a Google Partner? SEO Agencies Are the Opposite!

In recent years most former SEO agencies have become Google Partners that is they buy enough Google ads to be eligible for that badge in the first place. Can they really also help with SEO though?

How to Make Your Website User Friendly Like Fashion Magazines

There is a whole lot digital media could learn about making user friendly websites from the rules and practices applied by their printed counterpart, especially glossy fashion magazines.

How to Optimize Your Website for Privacy to Gain More Business

When it comes to online business: are you a creepy stalker invading people’s privacy for profit? Or do you optimize your website for privacy? Do you have dozens of trackers installed on your site?

How to Optimize Websites for People? Use the FIRE UP Approach!

How do you optimize websites for people? I mean actual readers! Especially those who are suffering from chronic attention shortage? You need to make websites or in short “fire up“. “fire someone up – Fig. to motivate someone; to make…

Platform Independent Online Publishing

Platform independence is a term known from programming. It’s not solely about software though. In reality it matters for website owners and online publishers as well. How to become independent from Google and Facebook?

How to Work Remotely Without Going Crazy

Many of us regard 9 to 5 office jobs as pure hell and dream of working remotely. It seems like a dream come true but is it really that simple?

Working remotely doesn’t mean you don’t have a boss anymore and there are some challenges you’ll have to face along the way.

25+ Shocking Remarks on Search & Social Media to Ruin the Holidays

It’s the holiday season again. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are always a time when we are confronted with real life. We can’t connect to Facebook all the time, tinkering with websites is frowned upon by partners, children and other…

What is Content Curation? Examples and How to

Along with the content marketing wave there comes another term – content curation. What is it? What does it really mean? Do you have examples? How to practice it properly? Read on to find out!

10 SEO Myths that Make You Look Stupid

One of the most popular ways to teach people about search engine optimization seems to be to point out what’s wrong about it. There are plenty of “SEO myths” posts out there and they get shared a lot. I usually…

Are You After Traffic or Visitors?

Are you after traffic or visitors? Do you want people to drive by your site or real visitors who stop by and stay for a while?

How to Use White Space or Get Swallowed by a Black Hole

Nowadays the content provided on your website must be original, well written and thought of, and it must look appealing. How to reconcile both worlds?

X-Twitter Engagers to Follow

When it comes to X-Twitter it’s really hard to find the actual people! Why? They are hidden among all the bots and automated accounts. When you see links like in your X-Twitter stream then you are following automatons. I unfollow…

Link is President

* The “Content is King” motto of large media conglomerates like has been misunderstood by content marketers. People appropriated it to mean that content is the most important aspect of your visibility strategy. It’s not. Content without shares and links…

10 Years of SEO 2.0 – The Greatest Hits

This blog officially went live 10 years ago. I compiled a greatest hits list of memorable and still relevant posts. This is a subjective selection!

Infographics Business People Need to Know

You might have noticed that over the past decade I’ve never embedded infographics on this blog here. You might consider that to be paradoxical for someone like me who attempts to be ahead of the game. Why would I ignore…

The first SEO 2.0 ebook testimonials are in. Of course I’ve also had some people take a look at it before publication. I want to cite two of them, the third one has written his feedback in German so I…

SEO 2.0 Ebook: Table of Contents

The SEO 2.0 ebook is online! You can download the SEO 2.0 ebook for free in case you can’t afford to pay for it.