7 Optimization Techniques I Learned from Playing With my 7 Year Old Daughter

A little girl is playing with eggs, putting them in front of her eyes and making a funny face. It really is!

Working on a computer is often frustrating when you have kids. They come over to see you sitting all day at the same place staring into a bright light source and wonder why you sit there.

This Sunday though was my day. While playing with my daughter outside we both learned a lot trying to convert casual strollers into buyers.

I will introduce to you 7 optimization techniques I learned from playing with my 7 year old daughter.


Dad, why are you sitting all day watching the screen?

Working in front of the screen all day does not yield many opportunities to show kids how you do something.

It’s especially hard to teach kids real life first before introducing the virtual abyss of computers and the Web.

My 7 year old daughter created some post cards with leafs glued to them and planned to sell them to raise money for poor children.

The weather was good and many people were strolling around and past the place where she and her friend stood and sold the cards at the playground.

I embraced this rare opportunity to show off some of my skills to assist them and to optimize the sales process.

1. Sell where the target market is
We stood at a walking path between a park and a pedestrian bridge leading onto the playground and beyond.

On the Web go where the targeted traffic is, search, niche social media, blogs similar to yours, topical forums.

2. Emphasize the unique aspects
Hand made, unique postcards made with real leafs. Be the only pink hat SEO.

3. Address people directly and according to their needs
I told the girls to shout “post cards ideal for love letters” whenever a couple came by. They learned quickly and told families they sell “cards for family letters”.

When two women or men appeared “for friend letters”. Sell SEO for small business and social media marketing courses to students.

4. Address potential clients in a way they can get the message
Whenever they started to speak too late the people have already walked past them so I told them to address the people while they were still approaching.

Place the call to action on top. When you get attention don’t waste it on ads. Create landing pages.

5. Create urgency
I suggested to tell the people that there are only a few cards left and the sales would end in a few minutes.

They kept shouting “last chance to buy post cards, we will close shortly”. Which they did, after selling out. Create time or number limited offers (the first 100 copies free).

6. Have a friendly sales team
My wife always tells me that I look pretty grim whenever she watches me without me noticing outside.

Allegedly I only lighten up when I see her. So people probably rather assume that I rob them or something.

This of course radically changes when my daughther is around. I bet I wouldn’t have sold a single of those cards.

Do not let programmers speak with clients! Do not let low level SEOs invade social media.

7. Sell at low prices to create high demand
The children sold the cards for a very low price so that it took only half an hour to sell a 12 or in other words all of them.

Sell digital goods at low prices, for instance WordPress themes and HTML templates for as low as 10$ [Partner link].

Of course I knew those techniques before so that I could teach the children but also it was great opportunity to test my assumptions.

Try these 7 optimization techniques I learned from playing with my 7 year old daughter. They worked more than fine.

I also felt like a real scientist. Yet do not just believe me. Test them yourself with your business website to get similar results.