DoFollow: Spread Link Love



SEO 2 is about link love. Or should I say Love of Links (LOL!)?

Anyway, when I started out on this blog I installed a fabulous “dofollow” plugin for WordPress.

It deleted the so called “nofollow” attribute WordPress added by default to comment links.

Nowadays WordPress adds the UGC attribute instead.

What’s the problem with that? See below.

Why Delete nofollow, UGC Attributes?

So WordPress adds UGC attrbites to all your outgoing comment links.

Why go the extra mile? After all Google knows what’s good for you!

The hapless WordPress devs just obey the rules!

Why remove negative link attributes? Keep the link juices flowing!

Yet how to prevent abuse by spammers who just want to drop links? It’s simple.

First off all all WordPress installation come with Akismet spam-filters.

Also links from one-time drive-by commenters do not get their negative attribute removed.

Engage properly at least three time to get a link you deserved by then.

You choose the number of useful comments to get there with most tools.

Why Are Proper Links Helpful for Social SEO?

Blog commenting with proper links enabled indeed is the perfect tool for social SEO.

It works to encourage engagement for

  • marketers
  • publishers
  • bloggers

who want to forge a community and reward their active readers.

How to get engagement? Spread the love, say something!

  • nice
  • funny
  • useful

You can even critize! It’s nothing new after 25 years on the Web.

I’m already pretty used to critical comments.

Constructive criticism is actually appreciated.

Trolling gets deleted immediately in contrast.

Link Love Spreads Organically

Feel free to spread the link love any way you like, as a

  • comment
  • ping
  • trackback

I won’t show show your links when you solely add a link to below your name.

In case you add a useful link in the comment itself it will show up.

The most helpful commenters will end up getting a share or link!

How? They will get an editorial from myself on the blog.

Please mind the blog commenting etiquette though.

* (CC BY-ND 2.0) Creative Commons image by Max Klingensmith