DoFollow: Spread Link Love



SEO 2.0 is about link love. Thus when I started out on this blog I installed a fabulous “dofollow” plugin for WordPress.

It deleted the so called “nofollow” attribute WordPress added by default to comment links. Nowadays WordPress adds the UGC attribute instead.

Why remove such attributes? I wanted to keep the link juices flowing!

To prevent abuse by spammers links from one-time drive-by commenters didn’t get their nofollow attribute removed.

Blog commenting with proper links enabled indeed is the perfect tool to encourage engagement for

  • marketers
  • webmasters
  • bloggers

who want to forge a community and reward their active readers.

Spread the love, say something

  • nice
  • funny
  • useful

You can even flame! After more than 20 years on the Web I’m already pretty immune to angry comments.

Feel free to spread the link love any way you like, as a

  • comment
  • ping
  • trackback

I won’t show show your links when you solely add a link to below your name. In case you add a useful link in the comment itself it will show up.

The nicest people will end up getting a share or link from myself in the editorial part of the blog post. Please mind the blog commenting netiquette though.

* (CC BY-ND 2.0) Creative Commons image by Max Klingensmith