DoFollow: Spread Link Love


SEO 2.0 is about link love. Thus I installed a fabulous “dofollow” plugin for WordPress. It deletes the so called “nofollow” attribute WordPress adds by default to comment links.

Why? I want to keep the link juices flowing!

To prevent abuse by spammers links from one-time drive-by commenters don’t get their nofollow attribute removed.

This is the perfect tool to encourage engagement for

  • marketers
  • webmasters
  • bloggers

who want to forge a community and reward their active readers.

Spread the love, say something

  • nice
  • funny
  • useful

You can even flame, but then I will flame twice as hard, been flamin’ around the net fo’ a decade punk!

Feel free to spread the link love any way you like, as a

  • comment
  • ping
  • trackback

No safer sex anymore for those with true deep emotions about SEO 2.0!

The nicest people will end up getting a share or link from myself. Please mind the blog commenting netiquette though.

Last updated: April 17th, 2018: explained nofollow and added white space. Updated: July 20th, 2015. Added image, white space and other readability measures.


* (CC BY-ND 2.0) Creative Commons image by Max Klingensmith