The Only 5 SEO 2.0 Blogs You Need


There are numerous of SEO blogs out there. Most of them stick in the past though and focus predominately on technology and meeting Google’s demands.

With SEO 2.0 the world of search engine optimization has substantially changed. Only a few blogs reflect this major shift.

These blogs do not use the same terminology as me but they have a similar approach.

Indeed, I am convinced that you need only five blogs to inform yourself properly on SEO 2.0 matters.

By showing what sources are dealing with SEO 2.0 I also hint at my own definition of the 2.0 in SEO.

1. Moz: Rand Fishkin and team, as close as you can be to SEO 2.0

2. SEO Book: Aaron Wall, author of what should be called the SEO 2.0 book

3. Hubspot: Multiple authors on the edge

4. Problogger: Darren Rowse, the blogging professional

5. Copyblogger: In case content is really king, he is the king’s best knight

Those five are perfectly sufficient. One thing is certain. You just can’t ignore those five SEO or SEO related blogs when you want to drive traffic to your site or blog.

Skip all the other thousands of publications. Information overload won’t make you any smarter. It will just confuse you. Focus on those 5 sources.

Of course in reality you need six: The SEO 2.0 blog is – as the name suggests – one of the most important sources of SEO 2.0 expertise.

Last updated: April 17th, 2018.