The SEO Acronym Definition and How to Use Humor to Get it


What Does the SEO Acronym Mean Actually?

Even in 2023 many people will still wonder what the SEO acronym means. I can’t blame them.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization as most people refer to it is still hard to fathom for mere mortals.

Most SEO experts are die hard geeks! Especially when it comes to things like technical SEO.

This post will help you finally to understand and memorize the meaning of SEO! How? Using humor.

What SEO Really Means and Why People Don’t Want to Know

I tried to simplify the meaning of the acronym by coming up with new definitions over the years.

Yet I mostly failed at it. It’s not just me though!

You have to admit: it didn’t work out! SEO is not popular enough.

People rather understand simple words like

  • findability
  • visibility
  • popularization

The SEO acronym itself is still a riddle and sounds menacing.

The quest to replace the stigma of SEO was futile until now!

The best thing we can do now is to explain SEO in a way all people can get. I could even make my daughter understand it when she was little.

What did I actually say to my kid? SEO is like helping kids finding sweets.

There is a huge machine that remembers where all the sweets are in the world.

Whenever you try to find them it looks where they are.

People who do SEO tell the machine where they have put all the sweets they had. Otherwise Google might not know where the sweets are hidden.

They would have to dig in the sand like some dogs do when they play around they may find some old toy but not the sweets you are looking for.

SEO Practitioners Don’t Like the Acronym

Most SEO practitioners stick to the dated SEO acronym! It has been coined back in 1997.

It still reflects an era long gone. By now it’s rather GOO or Google Organic Optimization.

Yet most people stick to SEO despite many trends that come and go over the years.

Even I still use it although I know that the SEO acronym is hard to get, memorize and explain!

  • Many wanted to practice Internet marketing to no avail. They still just do keyword research, website optimization and link building.
  • Then people tried to become inbound marketers but were sending out all these cold outreach messages to unsuspecting bloggers.
  • Lastly some jumped on the content marketing bandwagon by publishing more and better content than the keyword-stuffed gibberish SEO was infamous for.

It didn’t help. The SEO acronym still persists as the name for what people actually do when trying to get traffic by way of Google’s organic results.

We Are Still Performing SEO

Those who work in the “SEO industry” have a love-hate relationship with the acronym. Why? It’s no wonder!

Many still consider SEO a dirty word though so you may decide to “quit SEO” sooner or later.

There is one problem remaining though. How to call yourself now that you want to “retire SEO”?

All the marketing terms are already used by real marketers with university degrees in marketing and 30 years of experience.

Words everybody understands like findability do not sell incredibly expensive SEO services.

They don’t sound complicated enough! So what now? You need a new acronym.

How to Get SEO with a New Acronym: Use Humor!

You can’t really replace SEO anymore but you can use other acronyms to explain it.

All you need is an acronym that is positive and doesn’t have the bad rep of SEO.

Ideally it’s funny as humor helps you understand and memorize things!

I have repurposed a few common acronyms with a positive vibe or ironic twist that could readily explain SEO.

Here are the best self-explanatory SEO acronym alternatives in my opinion:

  1. LOL (love of links)
  2. ROFL (relationship optimization for links)
  3. SEX (search engine experimentation)
  4. UFO (user findability optimization)
  5. COMA (content marketing)
  6. people oriented optimization – POO
  7. OMG as in Online MarketinG

Now you know and will remember what SEO is all about! LOL! ROFL!

Engage in genuine LOL until you start ROFL and practice SEX that feels like flying an UFO that makes you end up in a COMA state and have a huge POO success so that you exclaim OMG – it works!

SEO is about all of the above. Just think of the acronyms you usually use next time when you try to explain SEO!

Humor is always the best way to get and remember something that is inherently difficult to understand and memorize.

Do you want an alternative SEO definition you can actually remember?

This one works even without being funny: Search Easily Online. That’s what SEO experts help you to achieve.

SEO People Unite for the LOL!

It’s time to unite behind a common flag! After all we’re SEOs! We can rank for everything!

We will optimize our sites and get tons of links and ultimately outrank all the other sites.

I just wonder which of these ideas is really the best one.

Which one do you prefer? Personally I tend to focus on people.

People oriented optimization is what SEO 2 is about at its core.

I guess some people think that acronym stinks though!

At least we aren’t PIG‘s though, are we?

Which acronym do you prefer instead of SEO?

I for one rather prefer self-explanatory terms like findability.