What is SEO 2.0? Add Your Definition Now!

Soon I will truly redefine SEO. Not just upgrade to version 2.0, I will redefine SEO as a whole!

Thus I want to know how well my propaganda and brain washing techniques have worked until now. I want you to define SEO 2.0 in one sentence in the comments.

Please refrain from funny but not very helpful clichés like

  • SEO for Web 2.0
  • A blog
  • A cult
  • SMO
  • Linkbait
  • A scam
  • A conspiracy
  • It’s just SEO, nothing changed
  • Spam 2.0

Also, do not just cite my posts. Please formulate it in your own words. The best ones will be republished in a second best SEO 2.0 definitions post.

As SEO 2.0 is really democratic I can imagine that I’m not even as close to the real definition as some of you.

I’m no genius, I’m just a regular guy spending way too much time on the Web.

So help me define SEO 2.0! Write down your own definition of SEO 2.0 now! It should be self-explanatory at best :-) Remember I’m the only funny guy here.