The Day PageRank Died

October 24th, 2007 marked the day when PageRank died. It became virtually useless or worthless. Why? What was the purpose of Google PageRank in the first place?

PageRank was revolutionary when it was introduced by Google. That’s why Google is where it is now: The leader in search. PageRank was determined by the number and “worth” of links.

The more links and the better the links (a link by the New York Times is of course better than one by a small unknown website) the higher the PageRank.

At the beginning, a higher PageRank meant almost automatically a higher position in the search results. A site having a 7 would outrank a PR 6 website which would come before a PageRank 5 page. Logical isn’t it?

Google added more and more so called ranking factors such as domain age.

Thus a PageRank 7 site could be outranked by a PageRank 3 site if the latter was significantly older. Google itself claims to use about 200 “signals” in their ranking algorithm.

Still PageRank was used to determine which pages have authority as it still measured the number and power of links.

Yesterday Google PageRank finally stopped to reflect the number and strength of of incoming links. Now it is determined in a way nobody can trust anymore. Let me explain:

First the good news: still has PageRank 6. Hooray! But wait, now the bad news: The Washington Post has got just 5 and some of the most renown bloggers like Technorati #1, the world’s most linked weblog! Engadget (PageRank 5), Problogger (4) or marketing guru Andy Beard (3).

Do you now really think I am more important than the Washington Post or the most popular blog on the globe? Do you really assume that I am 1/3 more important than the Problogger and twice as important as Andy Beard?

The bottom line is: Google PageRank is now meaningless, you can’t trust it anymore whatsoever!

Users who depended on the Google PageRank bar to determine the authority of a site can dump it now.

Google PageRank is now only a means of intimidation of webmasters. Google is the new Microsoft. It will use their monopolistic market position to wield power over you.

Google is not the Internet though. Google is on the way downwards now. It’s time to sell your Google shares. China was just the beginning. They abused the Chinese people, now they abuse everyone else.

So my PageRank 6 is as worthless as Andy Beard’s 3.

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Social media will make search less and less important in the future anyways.