Help Me Finding a Tagline for SEO 2.0!

Hello SEO 2.0 readers: After two years without a tagline on my blog I’m considering adding one again for usability reasons.

A tagline is meant to explain the purpose of a blog or site in a few words or short sentence.

I have a few ideas already but you may add yours as well:

  1. Self Empowerment Online
  2. The convergence of search, social media and business blogging
  3. The future of SEO
  4. SEO is dead, long live SEO 2.0
  5. SEO by humans for humans
  6. Findability, usability and profitability
  7. Search & Social Media survival guide
  8. Cleaning the Intertubes since 2004.

Please choose your three favorites and add them in the comments below. Something like: 1, 4, 7 is enough. You may explain your choice as well of course! The best additional ideas will be added to the post and you get a link back to your site.

Help me finding a tagline for SEO 2.0!