Global Food Crisis: How Bloggers and Social Media Users Can Help

A rice bowl on a table in Thailand. It's not a lot but it looks good.

You may have read news about the exploding global food crisis all over the planet.

You haven’t heard of it yet? Let me summarize it:

It seems the whole world is starving besides us rich people in the West.

We can do something about it though! See below.

We Are Making People Hungry

Even worse: Much of it is our fault! It’s not just the World Bank policies that favor the industrialized nations but even more directly:

Our green cars and alternative fuels are one of the most acute reasons why the food prices skyrocketed in recent years.

Thus people in the “majority world” who usually get by with almost nothing, now really starve. They are all over the globe, in

  • the Americas
  • Africa
  • Asia

Much of this mess is also due to us rich people messing up the climate via consuming way too many resources and producing far more co2 than hundreds of poor in the developing world.

The Current Climate is Changing

The ensuing climate change leads directly to poor crops due to draughts or floods depending where you are. Now that we created this mess, what we’re gonna do about it?

  • Whine about the slow economy at home?
  • Go on buying cool stuff?
  • Ignore it altogether?

I can’t! Writing for a global audience made me even more aware of global problems and my privileged position in one of the countries where people do not starve. You’re not powerless!

You can also go vegan! I already am for three years after several years of “going vegan” and dropping animal products one by one.

A vegan diet is far less contributing to climate change and thus devastating droughts and floods that are some of the main causes of global hunger.

Also a huge amount of the global crops is wasted on animal agriculture so that we can eat meat in the rich countries.

How to Change the World

Do you have access to the Internet? Are you a website owner or blogger in English – with readers potentially all over the world – or a social media user? You can influence

  1. the way the people think
  2. what they know
  3. how they react to it.

Even when you’re not a celebrity or popular influencer you can always make a few people aware of issues and solutions. It’s time to use your influence for more than petty financial benefits.

Let’s fix the world. One link at a time.

I want to join me and tell how we, the bloggers, social media users, SEO experts can help the world during the current crisis. Add your ideas in the comments below:

  • Drop in links to charities that fight the hunger outbreak
  • If you’re from India or China add information how we can help local people without the interference of governments or organizations based in the west
  • Ways of limiting our wasteful lifestyle

Spread the Word to Save Lives

To start out helping to spread the word I shared this article on social media so that people know what’s happening!

I hope people finally realize that these news of hunger, riots and desperation are really breaking people’s lives.

As a philosopher once said: You can’t be happy if everybody around you is miserable.

If you represent a charity tackling the current global food crisis contact me via email, mail to onreact at –

I will consider supporting your campaign for free (free of charge). Also take note that there are several SEO companies offering discounts for non-profit SEO projects.

In case you’re from the countries that are affected tell us how bad the situation is.

In case you’re like me a well-fed westerner whose problem is rather obesity than hunger, act now, support us.

Also go vegan to feed people as mentioned above and support organizations that mitigate world hunger.