Free Consultation for Non-Profits, Charities & Activists

Three poor kids from the largest slum in Manila, Philippines looking into the camera. The girl in front is about 5 and looking very shy. The other two are maybe 7 and already looking poverty-stricken to some extent. Heart breaking.

Do you want a free consultation on blogging, social media and search?

I offer free SEO 2 consultation for

  • non-profits
  • charities
  • activist groups

How often? Once a week.

Contact me when you need one.

Let me help you save the world!

Why? You are not alone in the universe!

Plus every organization that seeks to alleviate suffering needs as much publicity as possible.

Working for Free as a Well Known SEO?

Why do I work for free? I’m a lucky guy. I work from home.

I start the day with meditation, walking the dog and work out.

I don’t work 12h a day like some “successful” entrepreneurs.

Nonetheless I can afford a decent lifestyle including healthy organic food for example.

Billions of people around the world are less lucky than me.

I feel bad about that. In the past when I was younger I tried to change the world!

How? I attempted to fix it by protesting and reporting from protests.

There are a thousand issues I could support.

  • going vegan
  • fixing the climate
  • cultivating peace

You can get depressed due to the state of the world.

That’s why I don’t read the news anymore!

Just like American literature founding father Thoreau didn’t more than 150 years ago.

I still care but I can’t stand hearing it all the time. It’s too much for me.

A Blast from the Past

I’ve known relative poverty in the past. When I was a kid I lived in a dictatorship.

Sometimes I feel guilty about not helping all these people because I know how it feels.

Nonetheless after work I’m tired and on the weekend I barely get the household chores done.

Thus the only way to help people is through my work.

I always wanted to do something meaningful. To me working online was never about profits only.

Thus some people have exploited my enthusiasm over the years.

I have blogged for people who have disrespected me!

Most paid me peanuts compared to their earnings and the money I made for them.

Don’t be Timid! Approach Me!

Still many others who have needed help with blogs, social media or search were too timid.

They didn’t even dare to approach me because they assumed I wouldn’t work for free for them.

From now I want to give back at least a little. I want to try to offer a free 2h consultation for

  1. non-profits
  2. charities
  3. activist groups

every week and advise them on blogs, social media and search.I can help you

  • spread the word about issues
  • raise funds
  • simply build awareness.

We will talk on the phone for up to an hour.

The rest of the time is preparation and summarizing the results of our conversation via mail.

How Do I Benefit from this Charitable Work?

Of course I benefit from this as well. It makes me feel good! Contributing increases happiness!

I have been working with the same clients for years. The day has only 24h hours.

Thus I do work for just a few regular clients per year.

At the end of the day it tends to be a little boring after a while.

Looking at new sites and facing new challenges regularly ensures I stay up do date with what’s going on.

In the worst case I will create a waiting list for all of you who work with non-profits, charities or activist groups.

Do you like to get assistance with saving the world? Reach out. It’s free.

Probably I won’t support every single one of you, as some causes are not mine.

Especially those who are not about helping all people but just some identity groups, whether

  • sexual
  • religious
  • ideological

I’m for peace and equality and other universal values.

Thus I won’t support the supremacy of one group of people over another.

I really like gay Muslim anarchists but unless they work to end world hunger I’m not interested in assisting them.

I’m not just kidding! You know the deal.

You hate Israel and only want peace and justice for Palestine or vice versa? Sorry! I can’t help you.

Contact Me Now to Save the World!

Do you need support with blogs, social media or search to save the world?

Let me know in the comments or by mail. Contact me here now!

I will attempt to help you as soon as possible.

Of course I can also advise you on other topics as well, but those disciplines are my main ones.

I will help you to succeed on the Web raising awareness or funds or both.

Whatever you goal is, I will be your guide at least for 2h.

While waiting in line make sure to check out the non-profit SEO resources I compiled.

In most cases you won’t have to wait though. We will make it happen!