Advantages of Google-Free Blogging

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OK, I really got fed up and one day I banned Google on this blog. You will believe what happened next!

In sheer numbers I got far less “traffic” of course.

Often traffic from Google is not desirable though. Google often sends the wrong people to your blog.

I explained before how most of Google “traffic” weren’t real visitors interested in blogs, social media or search but mostly content thieves and comment spammers.

Let’s be positive here though. What were the benefits of blocking Google search and blogging just for my other audiences?

What Are the Actual Advantages of Google-free Blogging?

Most people assume that Google is a must but I will show you today how many advantages Google-free blogging has.

  • far less content theft, especially image theft
  • fewer manual comment spammers with keyword rich anchor text
  • clean readable referrer statistics, not just Google all over the place
  • people who are really interested in my writing arriving
  • more engagement with like-minded individuals, fewer complaints
  • increased focus on subscribers and regular readers
  • better incentive to write new posts more frequently
  • more freedom when writing and crafting headlines
  • no duplicate content issues anymore, no such thing existed before Google
  • more time to write, less time wasted on adapting for Google’s ongoing changes

These are just the most obvious advantages I see already after a few weeks.

I don’t have to spend so much time deleting manual spam comments, especially on the weekends.

Are You Wasting Your Time?

I may additionally ban some of the “dofollow blog commenting” lists and free backlink checkers that send me the few remaining spammers.

No more time wasters like debating with people who are not willing to understand that Google Chrome has many issues, not only for those concerned with privacy.

Previously I ranked with a lot of keyphrases like [google chrome bad] and searchers arriving here would argue how wrong I am on the article written years ago.

It’s not that I make money off being a “Google critic” or something.

It’s a matter of effort spent without any reward. Although you could argue that I baited a lot of people. Yet that wasn’t my objective with that post.

It’s much healthier to write for a regular audience of subscribers or at least followers who know you and follow you on social media. They are less likely to write angry comments.

Do Bloggers Really Need Google?

To be honest most blogs do not sell to search visitors. Many blogging business models require a stable audience of “1000 true fans”. These aren’t random Google searchers. They often come via recommendations.

These people might have initially arrived here via Google in the past but as far as I see it most people who stayed the longest with me were other active online publishers and social media users.

Searchers will drop in find what they seek and vanish forever.

Also, in retrospective most of my best and longstanding clients have known me before approaching me or have followed a recommendation by others.

I don’t think bloggers need Google. The contrary is the case. You can thrive without Google! Why?

Google forces you to change your writing style so drastically that you mess it up writing keyword stuffed headlines etc.

Many, especially female bloggers, rather rely on social media for traffic. It’s not just Facebook, it’s rather Pinterest as Instagram barely allows you to link to your site.

* Creative Commons image by danorbit.