How to Write for Subscribers: Rules of Advanced Blogging

Once this blog has reached a critical mass of over 1000+ subscribers it was time to change my writing and content creation strategy.

Indeed I already adapted how I blog before I consciously decided to change my approach. Did my readers notice? What is the difference between blogging for

  • the social media audience
  • the casual searchers
  • your subscribers and returning visitors?

Well, there are plenty. Thus I introduce you to 10 rules of blog writing for your subscriber base:

  1. Do not start at zero each time, follow up!
  2. Be less spectacular and more in depth
  3. Be more niche oriented instead of too broad
  4. Describe advanced techniques not basics
  5. Stay away from topics covered everywhere
  6. Add value to news and new developments
  7. Write shorter posts, which are easier digestible
  8. Spend more time writing, less promoting (you don’t need it anymore)
  9. Be more choosy, 10 are better than 100 resources to sift through
  10. Venture outside the box, surprise your regular readers

In fact regular readers, returning visitors and subscribers have read many of your blog postings already

Regulars know the area you cover and they know you so keep those things in mind in order not to bore your subscriber base.