7 Autopilot Link Building Techniques

A plane viewed from below flying on a blue sky.

The most important thing in SEO 2.0 is to stop “link building” and to start “getting links” or “earning links”.

Link building will always be artificial to some extent whereas when you get links from people who link you voluntarily these links will always be natural.

You have to provide incentives for other people to link to you.

Here are 7 autopilot link building techniques that make you get links actually without additional “manual” effort:

  1. Provide outstanding content like big resources lists, comprehensive guides, actionable tutorials, unseen images or free stuff
  2. Be easily linkable, linking the headlines, providing “link to me”-buttons and automating copy and paste links (try it with this text)
  3. Be at the right place and the right time (discovering and covering popular topics at a given moment)
  4. Socialize with engagers and connectors (bloggers, geeks, marketers etc.) on Twitter e.g.
  5. Link out for others to notice you, especially other bloggers, rather new bloggers than the giants
  6. Use Pinterest and other image bookmarking sites, as these bookmarks will appear on blogs and spread automatically
  7. Use striking headlines and images as eye catchers otherwise outstanding content won’t stand out enough

Using these 7 techniques you basically do not have to do tedious link building anymore.

You need a blog of course, a Pinterest and a Twitter account at least. Just like you need a plane first to be able to fly on autopilot.