The 10 Simplest Website Tweaks for Designers to Get More Clients

Designer at work using a computer

Are you a graphic, industrial or web designer? Do you want your website to look good? Do you ignore, dismiss or forget findability and usability? Well, I can help.

Designers often do not implement the simplest website tweaks for more visibility

They do not employ the easiest popularization techniques. These can drastically improve your performance on Google and bring you more clients.

Here are the 10 simplest website tweaks for designers, 2 of them actually off site.

  1. Change your page title from your name or portfolio to what/where/who or in other words [offer city – name], example: “Graphic Design Atlanta – John Doe”, use descriptive titles for each page
  2. Use CSS and webfonts for improved readability and an unique look of your body text and headlines
  3. Rename your navigation links from works, portfolio etc. to web design, print design, logo design etc. Use your name instead of about me
  4. Do not display solely one image per page, nobody clicks 10 times. Make lists of 10 images per page and create a page for each image.
  5. Display your content right away, don’t make me think or click (no “enter” pages, navigation only homepages), every links costs you visitors
  6. Display contact information right away and every page – an additional form is best – a phone number, email address a must.
  7. Display your name and/or URL on your images so that when they get redistributed the still advertise for you
  8. Join a community like Behance to share your work and to to spread the word
  9. Submit your well designed site to CSS or Web design galleries
  10. Start a blog and link out to all your friends and people you admire for their work

Stop ignoring SEO and UX both of which are two sides of the same coin. Design is not about fancy graphics it’s about findable and usable interfaces.

Last updated: March 19th, 2017.