Blog vs Dog 0:1

A black and white Border Collie dog on the beach on a windy day.

You might have wondered why SEO 2.0 has been so silent in recent years.

One of the main reasons is a dog – a Border Collie and Shih Tzu mix.

I got a puppy in early 2009 and it has changed my life.

During the first two months I had to go for a walk each hour and still the dog’s pee or poo ended up on the floor in many cases.

Later it became easier over the years yet it was always a big obligation that needed a lot of time.

Move on Up!

On the other hand a dog makes you move. I moved a lot ever since. For the first few months even at night.

The stationary lifestyle of a geeky blogger doesn’t make much sense for your body.

A dog is the healthiest choice you can make. You get forced to move at least three times a day.

My dog is now fully grown and instead of having to go for a walk every hour, every two or three hours I only have to go out three times a day. I only walked the dog once during business hours for many years.

Later I started training with my dog before noon, then was working in the afternoon and evening until I went for a walk again.

My mind hasn’t been completely off business blogging.

I’ve almost managed to get a full fledged sponsor for this blog at one time.

I wanted to make it more popular again before I make my final offer but failed to spare enough time to do so.

Two well known SEO companies were willing to sponsor me though. Maybe I find someone in the future.

In case you want to sponsor this blog to get publicity contact me now!

How Do I Finance this Blog?

I’ve considered 3 other ways to finance this blog so that I can keep blogging here without having to work more for money on other projects.

  1. crowdfunding/microfinance
  2. additional services
  3. paid content/premium features

As you might know I blogged at other business blogs for clients, two German ones not related to SEO (one about gadgets, one about cycling) and of course the fabulous Oxford SEO company.

I’m still learning more and more on how to blog for money. I also learned how to make blogs profitable both for me and my clients. It works quite well for all 3 of them.

I’d like to share more insights on how profitable business blogging works in future.

I know I have promised it a year earlier already but then I still did not know yet that I would become a dog owner. In fact I had been wary of dogs for years during my youth and

at 20 I have even been bitten by a small black dog.

I didn’t get hurt but this in a way confirmed my aversion to dogs. Now guess what color and size my dog is?

Buy My Services to Fund this Blog!

I have even started to write a post called “7 Business of Blogging Clues a Puppy Can Teach You” but didn’t finish for ages due to my manifold obligations.

In case you ask yourself whether I will introduce one of my three blog financing models I favor #1 and #2.

I won’t make you pay for straight blog content. I can offer you something you might want o pay for though. Just consider my list of services!

What do you think: Would you pay for something a blogger like me can do? I’d prefer to keep the blog free instead of selling it to a tiny audience of a few experts.

The more I earn from services and the more I learn from services the better I can write for this blog and take part in advancing humanity.

Of course as noted above you can sponsor this blog as well. In a way it becomes your blog then. Your logo and link will be shown on top and you will also be mentioned from time to time in the content itself.

Feel free to contact me with any ideas. I just don’t sell “paid links”. I get those offers like every other day. I never respond.

I’m ready for a serious relationship not a one-link-stand.

So don’t even try to “f**k” me or I will add you to my SPAM folder and you end up on the Akismet blacklist used by most blogs out there.