Audience Building

Many websites rely on gatekeepers like Google and Facebook for traffic. They have no regular audience.

They either have to promote themselves each day or buy ads to get online visibility.

Shouting and paying to get strangers to visit your site is not effective or sustainable.

You need to build a stable audience of regular visitors or ideally true fans who return on their own accord.

You need people who already

  • know
  • trust
  • evangelize

you and your products or services.

How do you get them? Offer reliable value on an ongoing basis.

I can build a regular audience for you. Audience building is no over night miracle. Prepare for the long haul and invest 6 or more months to build an audience. Can I help you?

Content Creation

The “just create great content and they will come” myth is wrong. Without content it’s hard to build or please an audience though.

Imagine inviting people to a concert hall or theater without musicians or actors actually performing. A website that only promotes yourself without any actual content does not suffice.

Self-promotional material is not content by itself. It’s more like an ad.

Every website needs content that offers value by itself without trying to sell something. Some common content types people like are:

  • guides (e.g: how to build an audience)
  • interviews
  • stories

I can help with you those and others as well.

Find out about my content creation skills on this blog here and the likes of Search Engine Land.


When you start out on the Web or create meaningful content for the first time you usually don’t have an audience yet.

Other people covering similar topics already might have an audience that might be close to the preferred audience you want to build. Many bloggers, businesses and influencers have some type of audience.

You need to make your content visible and findable online. With the right approach and incentives you can manage to get your content in front of other people’s existing audiences.

A main component of the process to achieve findability and visibility online is called outreach.

You reach out to already established websites or people. They help you start out in audience building in exchange for

  • freebies
  • money
  • reciprocation

What is reciprocity? It’s the actual outcome of the gratitude for your praise, content or help to get the word out about influencers.

Genuine outreach is friendly human to human interaction not just sending automated “cold email” messages to complete strangers. Socialize and connect first. I can do that.

Read about my outreach approach, techniques and templates!

Organic Reach Optimization

Google and Facebook are walled gardens and gatekeepers. They control online traffic. They decide who can see your site, content and messages.

Most businesses have to buy their way into walled gardens by paying for ads. That’s a short term tactic.

When you’re in it for the long term you can also increase your so called organic reach. That’s the people who will see your content because their friends or family have recommended it.

Ideally people already subscribe to you. You can subscribe to websites in many ways by now. The most common ways are

  • mail
  • feeds
  • push notifications

The goal of audience building is to grow your organic reach so that you don’t have to pay each time you want people to see your message.

I can help you jumping through the hoops both Facebook and Google algorithms provide so that they capitalize on the attention of their users by sending them to advertisers.

You can be engaging, including and rewarding people to make them part of your audience and community. I can do that.

Read my explanation of how the Google algorithm works and how you can use sites like Instagram or Pinterest to reach audiences organically.


Audience building by itself is not the final destination. Your goal is not to have a large audience to talk to. There are many social media influencers who are broke.

You want to make your message heard by as many people as possible or by as relevant people as possible.

It’s not just about randomly sharing things. You have to popularize actual ideas, people and things. Then the word might get spread by itself.

You can be popular in general but you can also be popular locally or in a niche. Think a celebrity vs a local restaurant vs an expert in dog training. Each one of them are popular differently.

A local restaurant does not need millions of Facebook fans.

Likewise a dog trainer does not directly benefit from followers who do not even own a dog. They all need some kind of popularization though to get their message across.

I can help you find the right audience for you and make your ideas, yourself and your products or services popular among them.

It’s a straightforward process. You create valuable content, share it with a relevant audience and build relationships with the people who matter. Let me help you with it.

Discover my holistic approach to popularization of ideas, people and things.

Social Media Management

The most logical way to build an audience is to go places where such an audience already exists. Most people actively use social media by now.

  • Blogs
  • communities
  • forums
  • social networking sites

are some of the social media that are widely used these days. Whenever there is interaction online – in contrast to just passive consumption of content – it’s social media. Social media sites like

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • X/Twitter

have gained massive popularity over the years. You have to be there or your audience will talk about you behind your back.

Social media management is about picking up the “social media phone” instead of risking angry customers, disappointed fans or growing competitors who fill the void.

People want to engage and be engaged on social sites. You need to respond and actively interact. I can do that and more for you.

Learn how to apply social media management properly and to avoid common mistakes business people usually make.

Website Audits

Without a proper website all your audience building on social media and all your optimization for organic reach won’t be of much use.

Working for free for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook or Instagram is not a profitable business model. Your own website is the indispensable hub to your online activity.

First and foremost you need to fix, improve and optimize your website to make it

  • accessible for all people
  • findable on search and elsewhere
  • linkable by other websites
  • shareable by mail, social media and instant messengers
  • usable and offering a good user experience while at it.

You need to optimize your site for conversions and search engines but at the end of the day it’s about the people who are meant to visit it. Who are the members of your preferred audience?

A website audit is an extensive analysis and tutorial showing you and your team how to optimize your site.

20+ years of my experience get distilled into often small but always significant changes. Can I help you?

Website Optimization

A website audit helps when you can implement the website optimization tasks yourself.

Not everybody has the skills, team or the time to read a website audit and implement all the changes necessary.

Why not let someone else who knows what he’s doing perform the actual website optimization tasks? This way we save a lot of

  • time
  • money
  • effort.

When you need to know upfront what exactly needs to be changed on your site and how to do it a combined website audit and hands on optimization can work wonders.

In case you already trust me based on my 20+ years of experience simply allow me to implement the actual changes without explaining them beforehand.

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