Non-Profit SEO Resources

A white woman holding a black toddler in Haiti. There are peopel in the background. The baby needed a hug it seems.

You may not know it but I’ve been working for non-profits even before my career in search engine optimization. Back then there was no such thing as non-profit SEO.

SEO for non-profits is by now a popular concept as I found out doing a little research on Google.

Some of the best industry names come up. There are several resources and examples that might be a good start if you’re from a non-profit and are looking for SEO services.

Some consultants and companies even offer discounts or special offers for non-profits, but that’s not all, just check my list:

I already optimized websites about eco homes or solar energy. I worked for a big bike manufacturer selling 50k affordable bicycles a year.

I can assist you with your world-saving plans now. Just contact me in case these resources do not suffice.