With Blogging, Size Matters – If You Want Traffic

If your blog isn’t getting as many visitors as you’d like, you need a quick lesson in how people read on the Web – they don’t, they scan.

With millions of posts to choose from, people are looking for the one that jumps out and hits them on the head; the one that screams their name.

As we all know this is true, it makes sense that your headline and copy are the two most important things when it comes to enticing and maintaining your readers attention.

So, why do people still get it wrong? Because most people still think they need to make it short – so that it “scans” better.  Not true.

Just look at my headline.  Making it easier to scan means making it easier to understand; making it easily digestible – try it!

Write headlines and posts using plain English. Avoid difficult words; there is no reason–ever-—to use tricky language.

Be specific and descriptive rather than generalizing.  You are competing with millions in the blogosphere; tell people exactly what your post is about.  Which would you prefer to read?

“How to Write Good Copy” or

How to Write a Killer ‘How To’ Article that Gets Attention

“Writing Comments Right” or

11 Tips on Getting your Comments Noticed on a Popular Blog

“The importance of usability” or

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Your Site More Usable

I prefer the second in each set, I suspect you will too.  Here’s why: the words mean something – to you, to me – to the reader.

And, because they are written in plain English, and not too tricky, there is no doubt about what we should expect.

It shouldn’t surprise you that these posts come from three of the greatest blogs out there.  I’m also hoping you noticed that all three have lots more words in the headlines.

If you take another look, you’ll see that all three also include other elements that make up a great headline:

  • Promise the reader a benefit
  • Include tried and true words like “How to,” “Beginner’s Guide,” and “lists.”
  • Teach the reader something

Apply the same principles when you write the body of your post as well.  Once someone has decided your headline is worth looking into, you need to maintain their interest.

Regardless of length, keep it easily digestible.

Write in short sentences and paragraphs; it’s easier on the eyes, and the brain.

Don’t bore your reader.  Get in, say what you want, and get out.

Deliver on the promise of your headline, regardless of length; just make sure you offer your visitors an enticing, interesting, easy to digest post to read.

Oh, and if you’re stuck for what to write about, check out this cool list: “101 Blog Posting Ideas

Guest Post by Lidija Davis of BlogWell

Last updated: April 16th, 2018: added white space.