The New SEO is About Creativity



Sometimes you need someone to tell you what you think. I write so much and often I’m tempted to write longer articles than necessary.

Content size seems to be a quality and ranking factor in recent years so that it gets hard to formulate simple truths in a few words.

One day I asked my followers on social media whether SEOs are selling out to Google and offering Google Adwords instead of optimization.

A few good answers have been provided by some well respected industry experts and some of my faithful followers who are not yet that prominent.

One comment came too late so that I wasn’t able to include it in the partly crowdsourced post I made for Raven but it was so good that I decided to feature it as an extra post here.

This outstanding comment summarizes pretty much the last 5 years of SEO evolution.

It’s rather a full-fledged analysis. It comes from Chris P. King – a versatile marketer, writer and traveler. I added some text decoration to make crucial statements stand out:


I’m in agreement with Micah Fisher-Kirshner that SEO has become much more than just SEO.

This shift has always been occurring but has accelerated with the onset of a ‘content marketing’ which was a reaction to Penguin and Panda, and now another shift with Hummingbird.

I would imagine that most SEOs would have adapted along the way, however, a good % of them would have been lost.

Certainly, those SEOs who were always talking technical, Black Hat and link building would have the most to learn about the new ways to rank in search engines.

It’s obvious that SEO now favors more well rounded ‘marketers’ to succeed. IMHO it also favors more creativity as well (I know some people have disagreed with me in the past on creativity and still think that a more technical approach is more in favor).

The one great thing though is that [generally speaking] if you want to build something useful and valuable you’ll benefit from the new SEO.


You could argue that black hat SEO to sneak in links on unsuspecting third party sites has been always about creativity.

It’s a different kind of creativity. In case you are not out there to trick people you have to embrace the convincing creativity of the new SEO.

Call it SEO 2.0 or whatever you like but don’t forget that SEO is not what it used to be 5 or 10 years ago.

It’s a creative discipline like graphic design or writing nowadays. In fact design and content are parts of it.

* Creative Commons image by Rob Walker.