Social Media Best Practices: StumbleUpon Interests


This is part of a little series of posts about social media best practices. I want to start with StumbleUpon categories or interest as they are now called.

As you probably know StumbleUpon can be a great source of targeted traffic when you know how to use and not abuse it.

A key factor in making stumblers visit your site, stay there, and thumb you up is the interest you share your content in.


Too many choices

StumbleUpon has an overwhelmingly large number of “interests”. I used it frequently for years and still haven’t used most of them. I did not just share marketing stuff. I tried plenty of them.

In this short post I want to advise SEOs and search or social media marketers on which categories they can submit their posts to and why.

The 7 best fitting interests ;-) are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Business
  3. Writing
  4. Weblogs (Blogs)
  5. Search
  6. Web development
  7. Internet



Now this might seem obvious but there are certain aspects of these you should take into account.

SU works like a TV set. If you serve SEO on the discovery channel or at CNN people will frown upon you.

When you use “Marketing” you will get significantly less traffic while you seldom will be bashed and thumbed down because you will reach a similar audience you meet at a site like


Real life examples

When the post is SEO speaking strictly put it in here. Remember that thumbs down mean no traffic if you get too many of them.

A post like “Why Google is So Important for Small Business” could fit in “Business”, but try to write for a wider audience. Still: Not the biggest traffic here.

“Writing”: Copyblogger posts please insert here. ;-) Remember, also people interested in writing books read it.

4 is self-evident isn’t it? Do not overuse it though: Just because you write about SEO in a blog does not mean it fits in “Weblogs”. Good for meta-blogging though.

You can use “Search” when you write about SEO from a less webmaster or marketer oriented perspective I think.

Here the audience is a little larger than in “Writing” and “Marketing”, but there are fewer stumblers than in “Weblogs”.

A post about ten ways to tweak your website to make it more suitable for spiders fits in “Web development”. You can get quite a big audience here.

Now 7, “Internet” is the king of the categories that SEO or rather SMO fits in.



Now beware though, people will hate you if you get too popular here. You may get thousands of visitors but also get so many thumbs down that

you won’t go anywhere but SEO hate hell’s kitchen.

Ask yourself before posting: Is my post really relevant for the Internet as a whole? If not make it relevant for it or use a more specific category, especially if you are new at StumbleUpon.

Happy stumbling!

Last updated: April 4th, 2018.


* Creative Commons image by Maersk Line