SEO 2.0 Ebook Testimonials

The first SEO 2.0 ebook testimonials are in. Of course I’ve also had some people take a look at it before publication.

I want to cite two of them, the third one has written his feedback in German so I can’t quote him here really.

I also asked some of the first readers for feedback and already received some.

Here it is, starting chronologically with those that have read the preview version I’ve sent them privately. Take note that I had to remove the personal references from the quotes.

SEO 2.0 Ebook Feedback

Derek Edmond, Director of SEO & Social Media at Komarketing, USA:

“It’s been awesome!” (…) “There is a lot of great detail in this document and I like how you break out each section with a ‘Do It Yourself’ component.”

Martin Harris, Digital Marketing Manager at Tank PR, UK:

“it is a fantastic piece of work”

Menachem Rosenbaum, freelance digital marketing consultant at Lucky Boost, Israel:

it really is an amazing piece

Nemanja Krecelj, Internet Marketer at Vendo Digital, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

everything seems interesting

David Melich, Owner of internet agency Impressa, Slovakia:

interesting and useful

Expert Opinions

Who are the people who already reviewed the ebook? First of all they are all experienced professionals with often several years of experience in related industries like marketing, PR, optimization.

The first two testimonials stem from professionals who have read a preview version of the SEO 2.0 ebook

and send me feedback on how to further improve it. They were not meant or asked for as testimonials. Especially Derek Edmond has reviewed a very early version.

Due to his very specific suggestions I was able to rewrite some exiting and add several additional chapters. Thank you!

Martin Harris has read a more recent preview version. I couldn’t implement most of his suggestions yet because they were substantial and I asked him too late for feedback but I will consider them for upcoming versions.

The other three testimonials stem from some of the early birds who got the ebook on the first days after publication.

Thus they weren’t able to provide very detailed feedback yet. After all 188 pages of often technical know-how with numerous links is take time to digest. Nonetheless the first impression seems to be a positive one.

Download the ebook here for free or “pay what you want”.