Productivity: 8 Ways to Save Time for Excessive Social Media Overuse

Many of you probably wonder how I manage to

  • contribute to three social media sites
  • write for my blog
  • and still earn money

I do not make money off my publishing directly. I do not waste time elsewhere.

Thus I collected 8 ways to save time by dropping some time wasting habits most people do not even notice.

Cut out the commuting and other unnecessary ways
As a freelancer I can decide where I work, be it at home or in an office placed where I need it. If you got a job you have to commute to consider moving in the vicinity.

Just half an hour back and forth means one hour lost each day. Also: Why go to Walmart 20 miles away? It’s cheaper?

When you need an hour to go there in which you could earn 100$ otherwise you can go to the local grocery pay a little more and chat with the Indian shopkeeper.

Do not watch TV
At least not alone. Watching TV is not only wasting time it’s also alienating from yourself and humanity.

While on the Web you are at least communicating with virtual friends TV is a one way street that leads to nowhere besides the asylum. Who wants to watch 50 murders every day anyway?

Watch a movie once or twice a week and make it a really a nice evening with your friends or family, but skip senselessly zapping and watching just anything.

Do not follow your analytics
In my early days on the Web I was literally following each new visitor on my site. I was hyper excited that someone visits and reads my site.

I still do sometimes but most of the time stalking your users and following daily traffic changes is both frustrating and misleading.

Often you end up studying minuscule changes for hours and on the next day you notice that they are irrelevant. Check your stats once a week for half an hour. That’s also what I offer clients.

Quit smoking
Use your breaks for communicating with people, at least online instead. I never smoked in my life, but I know that it’s difficult to quit at once. Quit every day a little more by smoking a little less.

Reward yourself each time you don’t smoke. Discover and share some inspiring artworks on Pinterest for instance. Smile at someone. Eat chocolate ;-)

Do not read news first hand, read what the crowd has chosen
The information overload is unbearable for one individual. You can’t check all the news-sources so quit it altogether.

When the Russians will drop the bomb you will know anyway. On normal days just trust the wisdom of the crowds or the algorithms of social browsing services.

Do not use forums
Forums are problem oriented. In case you want more problems use and read forums. In case you like solutions read blogs.

In case you like the best solutions just read the best blogs or let the crowd wisdom decide again.

I do not use forums anymore and I do not miss anything. For solving problems I search for actual solutions on reputable publications. I only look up forums when desperate.

Do not check, read and answer email
Do not check your email all the time. It can wait. Imagine yourself going to your real mailbox 20 times a day. Nobody would do that.

Some normal that is non-geeky people check their email once a week. They are still alive! More than you probably.

Switch off Skype and other IM software if you do not expect a call
While Skype is a great tool I hate it when somebody contacts me via Skype chat and expects me to reply instantly as many people do.

Switch off Skype if you do not expect someone important to call you for more than idle chatter. Most types of info are not suitable for Skype or other IMs anyways.

Don’t be like the youngsters who try to write love letter via SMS. The medium is the message. Use Skype like email, twice a day. Chatting is chatting, share information instead on social media.


Of course I do not manage to do all that all the time. Right now Skype is still on ;-) I know it works though. You can use your time creatively while sharing instead wasting it.

Now you can waste use the precious time you saved by excessively overusing social media. ;-)

On the other hand you could go for a walk. You choose.

Last updated: July 20th, 2017.