International Social News Communities

I don’t use English social news sites like Reddit for a plethora of reasons. It’s not that I dislike the democratic model of voting content up. It’s just that

Reddit and its audience is quite often obnoxious.

The world is not just English-speaking though and the Internet has lots and lots of other options in different languages. The more adventurous or multilingual among you already know that.


The democratic Web internationally

To prove that I love democratic social news I collected some of the best international  social news community sites from all over the world:

How did I rate them? I looked at the content, the atmosphere, the user base and the features. You might ask yourself “how can I use social news without speaking all those languages?”


Do you speak Spanish, Polish or Farsi?

Well, OK, I speak Polish as my mother tongue (I am born in Poland) and I understand some Spanish (learned it in school for several years but forgot almost all of it).

Additionally many English speaking people flocked here from Iran’s Balatarin so I did not have to speak Farsi.

There are always also English submissions on those news sites.

Also the other sites you land on often have English sections. Pictures and brand names are the same everywhere so it does not matter in which language you find them.


What about India, China?

As you see some countries and/or languages are missing. I especially am disappointed not to have found a really good Indian social news site. They were many but none was really impressing. The same applies to China.

I wasn’t able to find a Russian social news site or one in Arabic as I can’t read neither language, so please help and add it in the comments if you know one.

PS.: Do not ask me why I did not add a German social news site to the list.

Last updated August 29th, 2017.