7 Reasons Why I Am Addicted to StumbleUpon

Oh no! I just spent over one hour stumbling upon stuff instead of working. I have to face the grim reality: I am addicted to StumbleUpon! I warn you, do not follow in my footsteps. You will end up broke, your wife will get divorced, you will lose touch with real life. Why? For this 7 reasons I can’t live without SU anymore:

  1. StumbleUpon is surprising, it’s like your mom giving you a present: She knows what websites you like and you just say “some sweets” without knowing what kind of and you end up getting a new sort of chocolate that you never tasted before but that’s more delicious than others.
  2. It’s social, I got to know several like minded people on SU in just less than a week.
  3. It’s good for fun and for work, if I want art I check out art, if I want SEO… take a guess.
  4. It’s international: Ever wondered what people from Europe, India or Australia would recommend to you?
  5. It’s high quality relevant content – You just stumble upon those topics you prefer, no Apple, Linux or game consoles if you do not want them.
  6. It’s about reviewing not commenting: People do not bash others in the comments (with rare exceptions).
  7. It’s easy: Click, click, click, click, click, click. Damn, again an hour spent!

Please help me! I’m desperate! Is there any therapy or are there any self-help groups for StumbleUpon addiction?