3 Traits of True Social Media Experts


In recent years and months the Web has been flooded by social media experts. They’re everywhere you move!

You can’t escape social media experts it seems. There is one problem though: social media as such often exist only for a few years.

How can you consider someone an expert who has just 2 or 3 years of experience or even less?

Some social media in the stricter sense like StumbleUpon exist since 2002 but most people, especially the marketers who refer to themselves as experts joined later on.

Many social media sites exist only for a few years. Can you call yourself a Snapchat or even Instagram expert? Don’t you need a few years of experience first?


How to spot your experts

Are there true social media experts at all? Yes, there are. How can you spot them among the plethora of self proclaiming ones? It’s easy. True social media experts display the following 3 traits:

Social media experts don’t call themselves social media experts.

It’s like with every other discipline. You can call yourself

  • specialist
  • professional
  • consultant

or whatever but you can’t refer to yourself as an expert unless others do. In reality only other people can call you an expert. You are inherently biased to judge your expertise.

When you call yourself an “expert” you’re simply boasting.

Thus true social media experts won’t tell you that they are experts actually. They will point of what they accomplished.

They may tell you how long they are using specific social media “channels” etc. They might cite others referring to them as experts in reviews or testimonials.


There is no social media.
Imagine someone calling himself media expert. What media is s/he an expert in? Print media? Radio? TV? “Multimedia”? There are

  • journalists
  • photographers
  • graphic designers


there are no social media experts because there are no unified social media.

Social media is a very broad term containing everything you do online while communicating unless it’s email. You can be a

  • Twitter expert
  • YouTube celebrity
  • huge on Instagram

but you can’t be possibly an expert on all social media at once. That’s like being a car expert. You need to specialize at least a bit or you will be just a generalist.

Mastering even one of those sites or tools requires a huge amount of time and commitment.

How do you imagine to master all? I’m a complete Facebook noob. After one year of Twitter, I’m an advanced user of it.

After almost 2 years of StumbleUpon I still struggled with it despite more tan 15k stumbles. I’ve been active on Twitter since 2008. Am I an expert?

I used Pinterest for several years and I have 100k+ followers but I still don’t consider myself to be an expert.


Real social media experts don’t reply to emails or answer calls.
You can comment on their blog or reply to their tweets. You can follow them or subscribe to them but they won’t reply via mail or phone.

So called “influencers” could be considered experts but they won’t respond in many cases. They stay silent not only because they use other media, the “social media” but also because

high profile influencers are overwhelmed with time consuming social media participation.

Also due to a gigantic boom in social media marketing they have potential clients flocking to them like the gold diggers to Klondike during the gold rush.

There are simply put only a few social media experts out there and the demand by an overwhelming margin surpasses the supply.


Of course I oversimplified. I might even err. I’m no social media expert myself so how can I know?

Last updated: January 4th, 2018.


* (CC BY 2.0) Creative Commons image by Neil Rickards