Hey Marketers on Twitter: It’s NOT a Link List


Marketers market

Although I don’t call myself a marketer – I’m an optimizer – most people assume I am one. Thus all kinds of marketers follow me on Twitter.

I follow those marketers who – in one way or another – interact with me. I follow mostly people who

  1. reply
  2. retweet
  3. react to my tweets elsewhere
  4. tweet my blog posts
  5. cover my topics

Thus far it’s quite simple. Now in the recent years many people in a way changed their mind and behavior. They also often automated link sharing.

Marketers stopped tweeting, they started dropping links. More than that, marketers started to drop links all of the time. They are way too many!


Link Overload

How many links do you think I can follow on any given day? How many of those articles you tweet I can read and recommend? Very few of the hundreds per hour.

What’s wrong with links and retweeting them?

Well, links:

  • interrupt the flow and the conversation
  • take time to scan, read, submit to social media
  • make you exit when I follow another link in an article

In case you follow me you probably noticed a few things:

  • I tweet only a few links per day, never more than 10.
  • There is a balance between my own tweets, @ replies and retweets, something like 50/30/20 or 60/30/10 &
  • When I tweet my own links I choose the best ones. I don’t promote my own articles all the time

You need to

  • become choosy with links
  • lead a conversation
  • avoid info overload

As a marketer you should be keen on

  • gaining trust
  • relative popularity
  • follower loyalty


Gaining Trust

You gain trust by posting the right links, quality not quantity. You become relatively popular, not the useless “million followers” kind of popular. How exactly?

You become popular among your preferred audience by being on topic and adding tweets regularly in a digestible number (more like dozens than hundreds).

Your followers develop loyalty when they get to know you.

You can achieve relative popularity by talking with the people who follow you, by

  1. replying
  2. following up
  3. getting involved.

SEO 2.0 on Twitter is about follower loyalty not sheer numbers. Remember that Twitter is not a link list.

As a marketer in the SEO 2.0 sense you don’t need a dumb mass of followers who barely scan your tweets rarely acting, you need a small group of die hard supporters.

Last updated: May 14th, 2018.