What Social Media Benefits for Business Can You Expect?

A raving audience is giving positive feedback to those on stage.

Many people in business and even marketers discount social media as worthless saying things like “social media traffic is low value”.

They are not completely wrong about that but they aren’t right in their conclusion either. It’s not just about the traffic of course.

Discounting social media is like saying that planes suck because you can’t drive them.

Using social media can help your business in manifold ways. Social media benefits vary depending on

  • the situation
  • the specific social site
  • the business you are in

but there are several ways social media can positively impact a business. What kind of social media benefits for business can you expect?

Ever wanted to get feedback before your client sues you or just switches to the competition? Who can you call? Social media!

Best example: Dell Idea Storm. You don’t have to set up your own site. Use existing channels like Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Word of mouth
Ever wanted to advertise for free without it even appearing like advertising? Social media word of mouth is your friend.

Best example: Apple. You don’t need to be a huge or cool brand. Just search for: “Will it blend?” Some call it word of mouth other refer to “going viral”. It helps both ways.

Ever wanted to be a dog? Did you know that nobody knows on the Internet that you are (not) a dog? You can be a dog but you can be anything n the Web.

I decided one day to become the guru of a new cult, the cult of SEO 2.0. How did I get there? I used a blog and social media sites for news sharing.

A year later I got invited to search conferences as a speaker and top search marketing bloggers refer to me as an expert.

New visitors
Search engines are great. They are great for bringing you targeted visitors that is people who want to get exactly what you offer.

Sometimes a niche is just too small (like SEO) or the product is just too new or exotic so then you don’t have enough people who search for what your offer.

Then you got to attract those who are interested in something broader or similar. In my case it’s web design.

Only attracting the same small expert audience over and over does not allow my blog to grow. You need to cross-over to adjacent niches.

That’s why I broaden my focus from time to time to appeal to the people preoccupied with web design, CSS and web standards.

While traditional media is broadcasting, social media is narrowcasting being about a message aimed at specific groups of people or even individuals.

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter: Social networking allows you to forge relationships without meeting people in real life.

Last updated: November 8th, 2017.