Top 10 Proven Headline Formulas for Tremendous Online Success


Do you need some proven headlines for tremendous online success?

Do you need headline ideas that work on social media and beyond?

You have come to right place! I’ve been crafting intriguing headlines for 15+ years!

Try some of these formulas that have worked numerous times not just for me!

You can find numerous successful examples all over the Web as actual proof!

Proven and Successful Headline Examples

Here are some commonly used successful headline formulas that can be used a blueprints for any niche!

Just search the Web for some of those and you will find plenty of inspiration from existing blogs.

  1. Top 10… [something everybody needs or craves] [some superlatives] ;-)
  2. How to… [something everybody needs or craves]
  3. The Ultimate Guide to… [something everybody needs or craves]
  4. 100 Ways to… [something everybody needs or craves]
  5. 101 Resources… [something everybody needs or craves]
  6. 10 Habits of… [some superlatives]
  7. How * Made Me… [some superlatives]
  8. The Secret of… [something everybody needs or craves]
  9. The Zen of… [something everybody needs or craves]
  10. [something average happened] – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Of course the article must deliver what the headline promises!

  • Use “ultimate guide” if it really is the ultimate guide.
  • Don’t call it a secret if it’s widely known etc.
  • When you only have 7 items don’t make a top 10 list.

Consider some of the following examples for potential headlines ready to go viral:

  1. Top 10 Proven Headline Formulas for Tremendous Online Success
  2. How to Write Headlines that Make Women Fall in Love with You
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Headlines that Will Flood Your Blog With Traffic
  4. 100 Ways for Lethal Headlines to Terrorize Your Market
  5. 101 Resources for Bloggers on How to Write Headlines
  6. 10 Habits of Copywriters Who Get Paid Thousands Just for Headlines
  7. How Using Unique Headlines Made Me a Superstar
  8. The Secret of Becoming an Internet Celebrity by Making Headlines
  9. The Zen of Headline Writing
  10. Guy Met Girl – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Do you have more headline formulas that worked for you repeatedly?

Share your own headline examples below in the comment section!

A Word of Caution – Headlines Can Harm You!

Be cautious though. Don’t use headline formulas all the time.

Many people are already tired of them!

Make sure to write for your faithful audience as well.

You don’t need click bait “THIS will Smash Your Headlines!” for regulars.

Regular readers do not like to get tricked into viewing your content!

Yet do not give away all the article insights in the headline already.

Consider this unfortunate example – it actually got published all over the place!

“Poet Maya Angelou Dies at 86”

I never clicked through to that article even though I use the example for years!

So these headlines may harm you for different reasons. Beware!