Steampunk SEO vs Social Media, Competition vs Cooperation

Steampunk is a popular trend among what we call retro future, or future of the past. It’s very popular among the DIY crowd.

Steampunk makes modern appliances look like they have been built in the 19. century or the Victorian age. It looks great and thus people really love it.

In SEO nowadays we have a large trend to ignore current developments in social media

and attempt to apply antique methods to a modern media environment. I call it steampunk SEO. This steampunk sucks unlike the original the metaphor is derived from.


The times have changed

Times have changed but people are slow to follow. Specifically far too many people are selfish and can’t cope with social media being

  • not about egoism but altruism
  • not about competition but cooperation
  • not about hoarding “link juice” but about linking out generously to like minded people

You either adapt or you get left behind. I often restate that in a different form because it’s the truth many hesitate to accept. Face it: SEO 2.0 has arrived.

  • This blog has more visitors from a small community called, than Google!
  • I do no link building whatsoever, but the SEO 2.0 blog has an organic authority much higher than sites that do
  • I do not even have to share my posts to social media, as my peers, fellow bloggers, SEOs and social media power users do it for me without even being asked to do so


I am blogging proof

This is the proof that a SEO 2.0 strategy like the one I have introduced can make you an Internet celebrity in just 4 months if you are not a newbie to the Net.

You just have to adapt to the current way it works. I wanted to convince you to take part in this epochal paradigm shift.

Thus I wrote my first article on Collective Thoughts illustrating the difference between SEO and SEO 2.0 with the aforementioned steampunk metaphor.

One love to all the DIY steampunk artists! In the context of SEO steampunk is about being anachronistic and unable and unwilling to adapt though. I think this metaphor fits.

You don’t have to sue steam engine techniques to get popular on the social Web.

You do not even have to rely on gasoline engines. Electric cars like Tesla are the way to go. Likewise on the Web you can adopt a modern methodology.

Stay tuned. Next time I will elaborate even more. I’ll explain why modern SEO is about reaching out to your peers and promoting them.

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