The 3 Social Sites Every Business and Professional Should Use

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Many people argue that there is no single social media to go after for businesses trying to “join the conversation”.

They’re right to some extent but I disagree nonetheless. There are just 3 social media sites you have to join and use as a business person.

You don’t have to stay active all the time everywhere. You don’t have to chase the latest hype!

Three sites are best to stay connected with your audience.

Focus your effort on a few networks instead of spreading yourself too thin!

Where to Start on Social Media?

Where to start then exactly? The only 3 social sites every business and professional should use are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn

It’s true that you have to find out where you fit in best. Maybe it’s even Pinterest instead of Facebook!

Yeah, I know! I don’t like Facebook (or Meta) either. They sell our data for profits etc. It’s still important though!

Look Around and Find Out for Yourself

Those 3 sites are indispensable at first to find out. You’ll never even know what’s going on when you’re not there.

“What about Instagram” you may ask? Do I have to use it?

Well, you have to use it to succeed when you are selling something highly visual but the site does not send traffic back to you. These 3 sites enable you to

  • join social media on a business and professional level
  • meet and connect with industry peers there
  • find out about industry trends and what’s popular outside your niche

More than that you’ll find out what’s popular from your niche outside of it. It’s helpful for “market research” so to say.

Finding the Platforms that Really Suit You

I’m not active on Instagram as it’s not the logical choice for an SEO. I have also tried Facebook and Quora yet currently my business model does not resonate very much with them.

Still I’m keeping my profiles there. As a professional I’m also almost daily on LinkedIn and Twitter as my audience is still strong over there.

Personally I prefer Pinterest for inspiration and to get organic reach or traffic as well.

In the end you have to focus on no more than three sites

IMHO as otherwise you’d need whole team to deal with social media. In case you can afford one, great!

All other business people better beware of social networking as for many it’s simply “not working”.

Trying to be active on too many sites does cost too much money and effort. It’s not just time you use up. Tools like

can assist you with updating several social sites at once so that you don’t spend all day participating. Make sure not just to broadcast everything automatically though.