Why People Hate Ads and Love SEO


I hate ads. I’m not the only one.

Most people hate annoying ads.

People hate ads on the Web and block them using a plethora of tools.

They also hate outdoor ads and TV ads. They hate them

  • for the interruption
  • for the blatant lies
  • for the selling of fake lifestyles

we are meant to aspire to and we can never reach in most cases.

They hate ads for shouting at them.

People hate ads for selling them something they don’t want when they don’t want to be sold to.

That’s also the reason why people love SEO.

People love SEO? This guy must be joking you think.

Isn’t SEO the most detested pariah on the Internet? No.

People Only Hate Things that Annoy

People don’t hate web hosting or web design.

Likewise people don’t hate SEO.

  • People hate bad web hosting, bad web design and they hate bad SEO.
  • People hate servers that go down and sites they can’t access.
  • People hate awful user experience on cluttered portal like sites.

That’s why Google succeeded with a clean interface.

Also people hate spammy low-quality SEO!

It’s “SEO” implemented by people who have barely an understanding of search and user experience.

I’ve said it before:

Good SEO is invisible.

People only hate SEO they can see and recognize as such.

People hate SEO that looks like advertising. People hate ads.

When people see SEO that appears to be advertising they hate it.

When people read the NYT or the Chicago Tribune they don’t hate these publications inspite of them having dedicated inhouse SEO teams.

People love SEO because we, the SEO practicioners provide them what they want when they want it.

Nobody ever complains about finding the exact product, service or resource he has been searching for on top of Google.

You want to buy an iPad? I will sell you an iPad. I don’t tell you to search for it.

That’s exactly what SEO specialists do: They make the most relevant pages show up on top.

Now you’d say: No, it’s the holy Google that does it!

Evil SEOs only meddle with it! Well, no.

Who Makes Relevant Websites Visible?

Google has so many requirements a site has to fulfill to rank!

It’s very hard “position” a web page above others.

It’s not Google that makes relevant websites appear on top.

It’s the SEO experts who make the pages as relevant and Google friendly as the search giant needs them to appear on top.

No site matches Google’s expectations by itself. It takes people who work hard to make it relevant.

That’s why people love SEO.

SEO ensures quality of search results in order to fulfill people’s wishes.

The people get what they want when they want it because of SEO.

Google only responds to what webmasters and SEOs do.

Some people argue that SEO is bad because any website can get optimized to rank on top.

What about the other webmasters? Isn’t that unfair?

Well, who forbids them to practice SEO or hire an SEO company themselves?

Why would you want a website owner who spends lots of time and/or money to provide a valuable resource via SEO not to rank on top?

Most people won’t admit it but they love SEO. They hate ads.

So don’t make your SEO look like ads.

Btw. that’s one of the main reasons why I don’t do PPC.

* Creative Commons image by JM Scott