The Most Successful SEO Bashings in Web History

One of the best performing linkbait ideas on the Web today is SEO bashing. It’s an ugly but very successful way of gaining links at the expense of others.

It seems the less substance an anti-SEO claim has the more links you’ll gain.

A prerequisite of this link baiting technique is considerable authority though. So if you write in your unknown blog that SEO sucks nobody will link to you.

In fact I used the SEO bashing technique myself when I started this blog.

I added real value to the post though so that it went viral due to the advice it offered. Here is the list of the the most successful SEO bashings in recent web history.

I will link only those that aren’t just linkbait but make some sense at least, the others can be easily found on Google due to the excellent SEO of their authors.

  • SEO is Dead by the infamous SEO 2.0 has been translated in more than a 12 languages
  • SEO is Bullshit by Jason Calacanis the perhaps most renowned Internet prankster was huge
  • SEO is Bullshit by succeeded twice in a row with no substance whatsoever!
  • Why Diggers hate SEO by Muhammad Saleem had of course major success on Digg
  • SEO has no Future by Shoemoney got some considerable attention with plenty of links from the SEO industry
  • SEO Sucks by Shoemoney was a publicity stunt on a search conference that made everybody publish the image

Steve Rubel attempted a SEO bashing linkbait but failed due to not being outspoken enough so he just got a few links, still he went popular here and there.

Most people are not interested in the future of SEO or its status but you’ll find lots of Internet users who are fed up with it or who want their prejudice reinforced.

Those who consider SEO spam are not to be convinced and most people on the web only notice SEO of the worst kind, the indeed spammy one.

It’s no use to tell people who hate SEO that all the major newspapers invest heavily in SEO etc.

In case you want to capitalize on the ignorance of web users make them happy by SEO bashing! They will give you plenty of links. Find more SEO is dead attempts here.