How I Increased my Traffic by 11259.7% in 3 Months in 10 Easy Steps


I was just playing around with Web analytics tools and happened to click on my stats.

There I realized that my traffic increased by 11259.7% (no mistake here) compared to a year earlier.

In fact I did not believe the stats myself and then rechecked them thinking about my visitor numbers according to Google Analytics.


OMG! What the heck happened?

Recounting what else is on my domain (not much) and then I came to the conclusion: It’s true! It’s really true! I’m incredibly successful if you look at the actual numbers.

My traffic really skyrocketed after I moved on from conventional SEO to SEO 2.0

Moreover the biggest part of the increase happened during the last three months. I had like 100 visitors per day on a year ago.


Google traffic vs actual visitors

They came mainly from Google, the number hasn’t changed ever since. What happened then? How come there was such a huge upsurge in visitor numbers?

I want to share with you the secrets of how I did it. You can achieve it as well I’m convinced.

Here are the 10 steps I undertook, you might recognize some of them from this article here. In fact it was a self fulfilling prophecy.

  1. I started wearing a huge sombrero on my avatar image.
  2. I installed WordPress, a great WordPress theme and started blogging about SEO 2.0 – in English – I blogged almost daily since July.
  3. I used dofollow on my comment links and trackbacks so people started socializing with me as I didn’t treat them like spammers.
  4. I contributed to other blogs, not many, mainly Google Blogoscoped.
  5. I redefined SEO and rebranded it as SEO 2.0
  6. I compiled some best of and other lists other people liked
  7. I started contributing to social media, again not many, mainly a niche social site and a large content discovery/social networking service.
  8. I started socializing with other great bloggers in my niche, SEO and expanding it to other similar niches like web design blogs.
  9. I told the people that SEO is bullshit and gave ’em reasons why they should not read my blog, but people never listen!
  10. I told my readers the sometimes bitter truth, fought and flattered the right people, was incredibly funny all the time and never ever have shown a sign of being arrogant!

Indeed I am the greatest! 11259.7%! SEO 2.0 rocks! You have to tell my wife! She does not want me to waste my time with the blog. Why?

“Blogging is just a hobby” instead of doing real work for money! In fact I did it all just for fun, it really enriched my life.

Btw. Remember that I had almost no traffic from Google at SEO 2.0 as Google mostly ignored this blog for the first few months.

Last updated: August 16th, 2017.