Great Niche Communities for Bloggers, Business People and Web Entrepreneurs

An agitated crowd rocks on a concert. The light is red and it's written 'Community' on the wall in big letters.

Niche social news sites are one of the most important pillars of an SEO 2.0 strategy.

Only by taking part in niche communities you are able to deeply connect with your peers who then support you elsewhere on the Web.

I’ve actively contributed to several niche social sites in the past. These sites here are best for

  • bloggers
  • business people
  • Web entrepreneurs

who don’t focus solely on gatekeepers like Google and Facebook.

Thus I’d like to introduce these great niche social news sites for bloggers, business people and Web entrepreneurs that have caught my attention over the years.

I recommend these niche communities:


Growth Hackers

“Powerful collaboration, ideas and learning resources for marketing and growth teams.” Are you using technology to accelerate growth of your audience? This is for you.

In 2018 I finally gave in, signed up and started using Growth Hackers regularly. I’m learning a lot each day ever since. You can follow me on Growth Hackers now.


Product Hunt

“Discover your next favorite thing…” – Here start-ups present themselves or are submitted by community members. I have found some useful new tools on this site.

In 2018 Product Hunt is a prime example of a successful community and a household name. Being on Product Hunt is often a starting point for growth for software startups.


You aren’t a blogger or Internet entrepreneur? Become one.

I’ve explained in the past that you can only become free by changing your mindset and turning into an Internet entrepreneur.

Both bloggers and business people can do that with ease as they already provide value in a digital medium.


Last updated: May 14th, 2018.