Zen Master Seo-ing Singsun About SEO, Enlightenment and Authority Links


Zen master Seo-ong Sangsun is the closest to my dream appearance

Tonight I had a dream. In the dream Zen master Seo-ing Singsun spoke to me. I could even ask him some questions. I was also able to memorize some of them and his replies. I decided to write down what I remember.

Zen master Seo-ing Singsun, there is CSS Zen, there is a Zen habits blog, Zen is everywhere on the Web, why is there there no SEO zen?

Seo-ing: There is SEO zen. SEO Zen always has been and always will be.

Tad: How is that? SEO without the Internet or search engines?

Seo-ing: 3 thousand years ago a young disciple asked his master: Where is the way to enlightenment?

Tad: What did the master reply?

Seo-ing: He replied there are about 894,000 results for where is the way to enlightenment.

Tad: Oh well, then it’s not as easy.

Seo-ing: There are many ways to enlightenment but you have only one master.

Tad: You mean, you?

Seo-ing: You are your own Zen master, I’m just part of your dream.

Tad: Interesting but confusing. Maybe you can tell me the difference between SEO and SEO 2.0?

Seo-ing: Look at the two stones, which one is faster?

Tad: Well, they are both lying on the floor.

Seo-ing: Right, now pick one of them up and throw it away.

[I throw the stone as far as I can]

Tad: So what now?

Seo-ing: This is the difference between SEO and SEO 2.0

Tad: I have to think about that.

Seo-ing: Do not think. Sing.

Tad: Sing?

Seo-ing: Does the bird think?

Tad: Probably not.

Seo-ing: Does the flower think?

Tad: ….

Seo-ing: Does the river think?

Tad: ….

Seo-ing: So what do you think?

Tad: Sing?

Seo-ing: You think again.

Tad: Last question for today. What do you think about authority links. Do we have to focus on them?

Seo-ing: What do you do if you want to cross a river?

Tad: Use a bridge?

Seo-ing: There are two bridges, which bridge do you take, the big one by the famous architect or the small one made of wood by inhabitants of the nearby village.

Tad: The famous architect’s?

Seo-ing: I take the wooden bridge.

Tad: Thank you Zen master Seo-ing Singsun.

Of course this dream was not as clear as these words might suggest. I tried to reconstruct it. So it might contain some mistakes. Some wisdom got probably lost in the process.