Social Media Trends You Must Be Aware of

A merry-go-round shining bright and colorful at night.

Social media is evolving, revolving and sometimes struggling. It seems there are trends which are there for a while now.

Some sites reflecting overall trends lose steam and die while others are born and/or accelerate.

Here is a number of them that are most important IMHO, social media trends you must be aware of:

  1. Twitter automation for business, journalism and blogging – no more real people
  2. Messengers kill social media sites. Who needs Facebook when they have Snapchat?
  3. Image Bookmarking, image only social sites like Pinterest and Instagram boom
  4. Website, blog and social media integration, inline sharing being the most obvious
  5. Consolidation: Google, Apple, Facebook acquire everything and kill most tool off
  6. Monetization, security and privacy disasters, startups sell your data!
  7. Viral marketing meets content creation, viral content is the new normal
  8. Online Reputation Management is main stream, everybody does that
  9. Location based services, where are you, where are your friends?
  10. Mobile social media, app only networks without a desktop equivalent abound

Of course I’m biased. I left out music social media which are booming too for example. Also I ignored video here but it’s booming for a decade now. It’s more than a trend.

What else is there to mention? Tell me. I want to see more than these social media trends you must be aware of below.

Last updated: June 22nd, 2018.

Updated May 24th, 2016. Removed 2 trends, updated others. Unlinked broken links. Replaced teaser image.