Must Read SEO Blogs You Might Have Missed

Screen shot of the Aimclear Blog. It shows one huge image (of the American flag) on top as the background image and teaser for the latest post and three smaller thumbnails below.

OK, I admit it! I read more than a few SEO blogs. There are at least several more blogs out there that are really worth a read. Check them out.

Here is the list of lesser known search blogs you might have missed until now. They are largely underrated for no apparent reason:

  • aimClear Search Marketing BlogGood mannered digital marketing company weblog from Minnesota, great resource, broad scope and focus on Facebook. Written by Marty Weintraub and his team.
  • Tubular Insights – SEO for video? I don’t even shoot videos so I am very much impressed by a whole Video SEO blog or Wiki.
  • SEO Theory – Michael Martinez sometimes sounds a little arrogant but he really knows so much to look down on you
  • Hobo UK SEO Company Blog – Shaun Anderson of Hobo is one of the most well known SEO specialist in the UK. The blog covers both basic and advanced SEO tactics.
  • Yoast SEO Blog – Good blog design plus good advice for the average website owner and SEO pro alike by the famous WordPress extension guru.

In case you want to spend all day reading SEO blogs follow the links on this list but if you aren’t an expert after 2 weeks return to your daily habits and read just the most important SEO blogs ;-)