The Secret of John Chow’s Success Revealed!

White McLaren 650s in front of white building

Have you ever wondered how well known “make money online” blogger John Chow managed to gain as much popularity on the Web in the early blogging era? What’s the secret of his success?

The Name Wins the Game

Well, one day I finally found out! Just read these two words aloud slowly and at least three times: John Chow, John Chow, John Chow. Did you get the idea?

Right! It’s the name stupid! It’s about his name! How could you ever succeed with a name like Tadeusz Szewczyk?

John Chow is just one syllable for the first name and one for the family name.

They sound just perfect, strong, somehow American but still exotic nonetheless.

It’s like a mix of John Wayne and Jackie Chan: John Chow. His name sounds already like that of a star, so becoming one is just a matter of time.

So what now? Will I stop here at admiring my competitor? No!

Rename Yourself!

I will proceed to outsmart John Chow by using a better name and a better motto!

As I already asked you to call me Tad I will elaborate on that a little. You know, my name – Szewczyk – only looks unpronounceable. In fact it is pronounced like two well known English words: chef and check!

As I know what’s cooking in the SEO kitchen I do not need to check it: thus Tad Chef was born!

Isn’t Tad Chef much better than John Chow? Maybe not, but now listen to my new motto: Have fun making money online! Do you get it now?

John Chow vs Tad Chef – Who Wins?

You are still not convinced? Then I’ll give you 7 more reasons why John Chow will lose in the cat fight of John Chow vs Tad Chef:

  1. John Chow has been thrown out of Google
  2. John Chow’s site is so full of ads, you barely see any content
  3. He is not as funny as I am
  4. He has no ridiculous head gear like I have
  5. He drives ridiculous gas guzzling supercars! I only own an environmentally-friendly bike (a beach cruiser)
  6. He does not even look good unlike most celebs. Yet maybe I can’t judge that as a heterosexual male
  7. He is a nobody in Iran and I am in the top 10 for [good things about Iran] on

You see? It’s not hard to rename yourself. When you are blogging for a global audience you can simplify your name and use a nickname or brand name instead. Tad Chef of onreact works very well and is memorable.