Interview With Myself

Hello world!

My name is Tad Chef of the world famous SEO 2.0 blog.

Now I present to you my first audio post*.

I call it an „interview with myself“.

Interviews are a vital way to make people disclose information they normally would not write down.

In the recent weeks I was interviewed twice via email.
Once by a blogger and once by an internet magazine.

An email interview has two disadvantages or drawbacks.

  1. You can not hear the voices
  2. The questions either have to be formulated before the interview and put into the email, or you have to email back and forth.

With chat like the one Skype offers you still won’t hear the voices but the action reaction time span is much shorter.

On the other hand: The replies are also shorter. It makes them sometimes too short. Thus a chat interview can be compared to an SMS interview.

Moreover beside the technical difficulties most interviewers do not use the medium interview right.

They waste most of it’s potential by just asking what they already think to know.

So they do not want to know what they don’t know before. They simply want to confirm their own ideas instead of asking for new ones.

So instead of asking me what SEO currently is about they will ask me about cloaking, keyword stuffing or paid links.

It’s boring. It’s boring for me and boring for the audience.

Therefore I will show you now how an interview should be done.

To make it easier for me to exemplify it, I will interview myself.

Yes, you got it right: I will interview myself now. The famous Tad Chef interviewed by the fabulous Tad Chef.

So let’s start our little Q and A session Tad!

OK Tad, I’m ready! How about you?

Perfect! Let’s go.

Q: What does SEO 2.0 really mean? What is it about?

A: SEO 2.0 or second SEO to make it easier to pronouce it is about the rebirth of search engine optimization.
The first SEO is dead, but the second SEO is alive and kicking. While the old SEO was about robots, the new SEO is about people.

Q: Wait a minute? Wasn’t white hat SEO always about writing fur humans not spiders?

A: Yes, but you still targeted mainly visitors form search engines like Google. So for instance you would use boring repetetive titles to rank high in Google and depend on the searchers to find you and then click your results for being the one on top.

Q: So does the new SEO not optimize for Google anymore?

A: Good question Tad! Indeed it does. Therefore it’s still called SEO, but it does the other way around. You optimize for the people and because the people love it Google will probably love it too. Somehow as a side effect.

Q: Tad, that does not sound very revolutionary to me. So what’s really the 2.0 about it?

A: Great question Tad. The new thing about it is that as soon as it works, and people swarm to your site via StumbleUpon for instance, which btw. is the best traffic source for bloggers right now, you quickly realize that you do not depend on Google for traffic. At least as a blogger StumbleUpon is the traffic source of choice for you. Even small niche social news sites like Sphinn bring more traffic to my blog than Google search does.

Q: So do you say that you don’t care for Google anymore?

A: In a way, yes Tad. On the other hand I was an SEO for too long not to care, but indeed it’s a waste of time, looking up the 30 Google referers a day. While you get 300 or 3000 visitors from StumbleUpon.

* Sadly the quality of the audio file was not good enough to post it.