Blogging Inspiration: How to Embrace Creativity!

Embrace creeativity
Blogger embracing creativity! True story!

Many bloggers write about the so called “bloggers block”.

It happens when a blogger just doesn’t know what to write or lacks the motivation to do it.

Do you lack blogging inspiration?

Truly creative people do not experience bloggers block unless they stress.

It usually occurs when they have too much pressure to create all the time.

It happened to me already. Yet there are ways to embrace creativity!

Too Many Ideas – Not Enough Time

I have a different problem most of the time! It’s the exact opposite of bloggers block.

I like to call it “inspiration overflow“. Do you experience it as well?

In some ways it’s similar to bloggers block. You are not blocked due to lack of ideas.

The sheer amount of ideas blocks you as well. So some solutions can apply for both issues!

Inspiration overflow about having too many ideas and wanting to write all the time.

Why is too much inspiration even a problem? I just can’t handle it. The day has only 24 hours.

At any given time I can have at least a 12 or more article ideas.

Sadly I just don’t have the time or money to write the actual posts.

Yet I tried. I have blogged too much in the past. I blogged at night and during weekends.

I have even neglected my actual paid work and my family to be able to write more.

Blogging by itself usually doesn’t pay as long as you don’t sell something else.

As my blog does not earn money directly right now.

Thus I have to limit the time and effort spent on it.

In many cases I write for clients instead because such posts pay immediately.

I often get hired as a writer for other blogs. Only after working too much I experience actual bloggers block.

When I’m dead tired from starting at the screen my head is empty and my eyes are blurry.

In the worst cases my head aches and I am brain fogged and dizzy with migraines.

How to Cope with too Many Ideas

How to deal with inspiration overflow?

Why is inspiration overflow a problem in the first place?

Aren’t we meant to embrace creativity fully?

  • You can’t inundate your readers with more than a few articles a week. It’s too much to digest! Most of them will be overlooked
  • More information means less understanding. Too many messages become noise! The reader can’t deal with them
  • Readers will have the impression that you choose quantity over quality on your blog when publishing too often
  • People won’t comment anymore because their comments would end up too far down to be noticed

Yeah, but there is so much going on!

How can you handle too many things to cover?

Good question! See below how you can handle that!

Techniques to Embrace Creativity Completely

Here are some techniques to embrace creativity completely.

You can do it without creating cognitive overload and working day and night:

  • Collect links and ideas and sift through them afterwards. Only the best should be selected then
  • When you have ten instances of something you want to present, just search for more and write then about 101 ideas.
  • Give away ideas that you can’t implement anymore or even sell them. I also have a lot of start up ideas. Who wants one?
  • Share your problem with others! They will ignore or ridicule you and you will feel better afterwards or they will inspire you
  • Delete the bookmarks you already researched and hope that you don’t find the links again (just kidding) – prune your bookmarks regularly!
  • Talk to people about your ideas. This way the most otherworldly ones will become apparent and they most promising as well.
  • Engage your readers and followers! They will respond in favorable ways or not and this way you will either get inspired or discouraged

What do you think? Dear bloggers: Are you still blocked?

Not enough ideas? I got dozens of them. Just contact me to get some ideas!

The techniques above can also hello you embrace creativity even in case you don’t have enough ideas.