Positive SEO Example Campaign to Take Part in


How positive SEO works

Last time I defined what I consider to be positive SEO. Also I went into detail to explain my concept of Google Parkour.

How does it work? You link out to your “competitor” in case s/he already has linked to you. Don’t mix it up with a simple link exchange though.

Ideally you need a post or article that links to you and ranks or almost ranks in Google for some traffic generating keyphrase/s.

Last time I have shown how the #1 ranking of SEO Smarty for the term [image seo] brings me a few visitors almost each day.

The [image seo] thing happened by chance. I didn’t plan it. I just instinctively linked out to Ann Smarty like I do numerous time to all kinds of valuable resources.

It was just from checking my referrer stats that I’ve noticed the steady trickle of visitors to my site. Over the years it has been more than a thousands people. Moreover

these visitors are very targeted and trust me already to some extent. I’ve been recommended by another expert so I must be great as well the thinking goes.

Now I want to replicate that on a larger scale. I have selected five blog postings from some of my so called competitors or in SEO 2.0 lingo, my online buddies. These blog postings are

  1. valuable content
  2. deserve to rank
  3. link out to me


The positive SEO example campaign

I want you to write an article dealing with modern SEO and including the following links.


What is SEO in these times? Most inspiring link building experts agree that it is not solely about link building anymore at least not in the original sense of that term.

By now it’s probably more about creating content for businesses or reaching out to bloggers…

This is the way you could start a blog post dealing with modern SEO while including the links from our positive SEO campaign.

I don’t simply ask you to copy the text above. Ideally you would a paragraph yourself and expand on it a bit in a full fledged posting.

We don’t want to “overoptimize” for these terms so just copying my version could result in too many of the same “anchor text” links.

In the best case you choose your won words and anchor texts while remembering that we optimize for a few phrases:

  • [what is seo], [define seo], [seo definition] for the first article by AJ Kohn on Blind Five Year Old.
  • [link building experts], [link building specialists], [link builders] in the case of Jason Acidre’s list of resources at Kaiser the Sage.
  • [blogger outreach], [blogger outreach techniques], [blogger outreach tools] for Chris Dyson’s group interview over at Triple SEO.

How can you take part? Well, you can link to these posts once they are online. Some of you are already mentioned in them.

This way they also gain traffic from these posts once they will rank on Google.  Or you share this post so that as many people take part in it as possible.

Of course you can publish a post on modern SEO yourself as well even though you are not yet one of the lucky guys to linked out to.

I’d like it to be a proof of concept that an positive SEO campaign works. In case it succeeds I will surely do it again.

I can also imagine that more people will try to replicate it. Thus you will get the benefits of rankings and/or traffic the next time.


How do I/you benefit from positive SEO?

What’s in it for me? Well, as I have been linked in the posts already I will see some traffic once these posts rank.

I don’t have to rank myself. I don’t have to optimize like crazy for years to rank for those terms. Just a few of them are already a year of work.

Besides that we can’t rank for the same phrases at the same time. Why not cooperate instead of competing?

Plus I am fed up with Google. Even in case I succeed optimizing for them with one site like I did with SEO 2.0 I may lose rankings over night.

In fact I did last October in the course of one of the numerous Panda updates. Has my blog become low quality over night? Well, no.

The search monopolist Google just changed the rules over night. Optimizing five sites or more and making them rank and getting the traffic via their postings reduces the risk. So this is not only about making friends.

Positive SEO is about friendship but it also about getting real results and becoming independent of Google

and other services like Facebook etc. Even in case Google decides to ban positive SEO these guys will still recommend me so I can always benefit from it.

You benefit by either being linked to and getting traffic directly from Google or directly by getting recommended. Last but not least you make friends by simply linking out.

Ideally a positive SEO campaign is not an one time event but an ongoing relationship for mutual help.

OK, now it’s up to you! Participate in our positive SEO campaign. Make it work. We’re not about negative SEO, hacking websites, or black hat techniques. We spread the link love!

* Creative Commons image by T-Bone Sandwich.

Last updated: April 30th, 2018.