Dark Horse SEO Blogs That Look Very Appealing

dark horse*

You may already know blogs like Moz, Search Engine Land or SEMrush. Some people need even more content to read though. I’m here to help!

Thus I have compiled a list of lesser known or not yet popular aka dark horse SEO blogs that look very appealing.

Old established SEO blogs tend to become silent after a while due to the success of the bloggers

who get so much work after succeeding at blogging that they don’t have enough time to blog anymore. I’ve experienced this over the years as well.

Thus you may want to subscribe to these blogs for fresh voices on SEO and similar disciplines. Follow the links below to the actual SEO blogs:

  1. Terakeet
  2. Briggsby
  3. Cyrus Shepard
  4. 0110
  5. Evolving SEO

Do you know any other SEO blogs you think are worth it to get added to this list?

Tell me about them in the comment section or engage with me on social media where I have found many of those mentioned above.

Btw.: Some of them are not really dark horse (anymore) like Point Blank SEO for example but far too many people still don’t know them!

* Creative Commons image by Eduardo Amorim.