101 Blog Posting Ideas

Many light bulbs shining from the ceiling.

This is my post #101 on SEO 2.0. When I started this blog, I had almost no clue what to write about, just some vague ideas.

In fact I thought that SEO is such a boring topic and this niche so crowded that my blog will not get very popular.

I was wrong. SEO 2.0 jump-started and had more than 1500 visitors daily on some days. I’m sure that you can repeat my success.

Thus I will translate my 101 posting ideas into a more general way so that you can apply them to your blog and get more popular and successful. Get inspired!

  1. Describe what’s different about you and your blog
  2. Write about your blog design or WordPress theme and how you improved it
  3. Write about the #1 authority in your field and poke fun at the person, be polite
  4. Compile a list of definitions of the topic you write about
  5. Criticize a hugely popular site
  6. Post something visually very appealing that constitutes also a unique and compelling idea
  7. Write about how great it is not to treat other bloggers like spammers and how to do it right
  8. Compile a best of list of blogs about your topic. Do it based on your opinion not only stats
  9. Create some categories and write a post about why they are still empty to use it instead of a 404 page
  10. Take a well known, widely used and popular concept and attempt to expand or change it
  11. Write about a blogging friend of yours or a give away or both
  12. Write about a Web 2.0 service that is annoying
  13. Explain why a widely used practice is obsolete and show it can be automated
  14. Ask your visitors what they think about your topic and how they envision it
  15. Feature a game, in the best case a free social game which can be played online
  16. Compile a list of examples of best practices in your field to define it
  17. Introduce a method for a task which is performed by numerous people daily
  18. Introduce another blogger from your area, country who is an authority but not well known or who is otherwise worth it
  19. Imagine 10 blogs dealing with your topic but do not yet exist, try to be funny
  20. Speak out on censorship
  21. Write the opposite of what the majority believes
  22. Check your stats and welcome people from countries or places you never visited before
  23. Introduce 5 great new bloggers you admire from the start
  24. Laugh off bloggers who do not understand what you are about
  25. Be friendly to your audience, make them call you by your first name
  26. Take a really clean and popular website and explain how everybody can become like it
  27. Unmask a buggy software everybody is forced to deal with
  28. Compile a best of list of companies that sell what you write about
  29. Invite your readers to a social network you use
  30. Introduce a glossary for your topic or industry that unveils the real meanings of the particular speak
  31. Write about your blogging success, any blogger who blogs for more than two weeks in a row already succeeded
  32. Compile a best of list of tutorials for a particular problem which is not covered too often
  33. Introduce a new trend on the Net that is not yet widely covered and show several examples of it
  34. Review websites or products for free
  35. Do your first review quickly
  36. Ask people for something they can’t imagine to live without
  37. Present some practices that are not too obvious and call them “dirty tricks”
  38. Feature a site that wrote something about you or linked you
  39. Write something positive and reach out about a group of people or a minority that is bashed by everyone else in the media
  40. Do something useful for people who use the same tools as you
  41. Pick out a compile a list of the most original blogs that cover your subject
  42. Write something about one of the A-list bloggers you admire
  43. Ridicule someone who has got no clue about you and your business but offends you anyways
  44. Take the A-list blogger you admire and use a method he uses, explain it to your readers
  45. Compare two widely known services, a bad but popular one with a good but not yet as popular one
  46. Compile a best of list of tutorials for a upcoming service or software that will soon be used by everyone
  47. Allow readers to introduce themselves on your blog
  48. Compile a best of list of free services that make people spare some valuable time
  49. Ask readers from around the world or your country on their take on a particular subject
  50. Introduce a project or publication you contributed to
  51. Attempt to broaden your topic and compile a list of articles which prove that it’s connected to other similar topics
  52. Make fun of yourself showing how you failed with blogging, make other bloggers relate to it
  53. Take a popular post by a blogger you know and respect and write a parody of it or remix it
  54. Explain why your enemies are wrong, substantiate that with a list of ten valid points
  55. Introduce some well known international sites your audience might still not know
  56. Explain why you love a particular thing, service or website
  57. Compile some alternatives for a service almost everybody uses without thinking about it
  58. Review a blog that otherwise wouldn’t be featured on yours
  59. Copy a successful blogger, offend him jokingly and/or use reverse psychology to explain why you suck while making the people curious
  60. Collect and post interviews with a famous personality you like
  61. Show and explain some special ways of using on application or service everybody uses
  62. Make some changes to improve your blog and write about it
  63. Introduce your friends on your favorite social site
  64. Present some products you can recommend in your, preferably those that you use anyways. promote them if you wish so
  65. Introduce 10 blogs out of your niche which you can recommend
  66. Debunk a common myth about a practice that worked a year ago but is outdated by now and connect it to a example of how to do it now correctly
  67. Show some ways of helping non profits within your industry
  68. Review a service which is either new, being hyped or very well known, or all three in one
  69. Introduce your friends from another social network
  70. Write about something not working or really annoying for you and others
  71. Compile a list of blogs many people might not know yet but which are certainly worth a visit
  72. Describe some wrong assumptions about a widely used service
  73. Show your new visitors some ways how they can subscribe to your blog
  74. Explain a not so evident way of using a software, tool or service others might not know
  75. Express your dismay about some vexing phenomenon and show ways how to deal with it
  76. Devise a list of third party resources for a popular tool or service
  77. Introduce some promising new services you used already the general public might not be aware yet
  78. Flatter your subscribers and vow allegiance, encourage users to subscribe
  79. Anonunce that you will take part in a collective endeavour of the blogosphere, for a good cause preferably
  80. Expose someone who bashed you or someone else for no reason
  81. Write a list of demands to a huge corporation that abuses people all over the world and inform other bloggers about your list
  82. Look up at Bloglines who subscribes to your blog and write about them
  83. Write down some blogging advice that might seem obvious to you, but certainly many others won’t know about
  84. Express your feelings about blogging and tell your readers what inspires you and how
  85. Take a widely used but controversial practice and introduce your own thoughts or better alternative techniques concerning it, devise a list if possible
  86. Write about your experience with a popular service, even if it’s negative
  87. Take part in a collective effort of the blogosphere or your industry to make the world a better place, introduce others who do it on a daily basis
  88. Express your astonishment with something unusual many people would not expect either
  89. Take your niche topic and connect it to 2 similar niche topics that are usually treated as separate
  90. Describe your blogging success and how you achieved it. Any blog that’s alive longer than a month and has more than 20 post is a success story, besides not only numbers “count”
  91. Write about typical patterns in your niche, business or industry others can relate to, especially if there is some secret element in it
  92. Take a spam email that deals with what you offer or do and ridicule it
  93. Celebrate your achievements on your favorite social site
  94. Take a breaking news everybody writes about, collect the posts and add your commentary on it, be original do not just summarize
  95. Describe a service or tool you use and why it is better than another one or why it could be useful to fellow bloggers
  96. Clean up your blog or make other changes and write about it
  97. If something goes really wrong on the Net, take it apart and ridicule it
  98. Make a list of sites you deem useful not only for you but also for others
  99. Collect your blogging wisdom and share it with your audience, everybody has something valuable to say
  100. Let a fabulous blogger write a gust post for you, do not edit it too much if not really necessary
  101. Celebrate yourself, blogging, the blogosphere and share your inspiration, based on your own blog – one love!

I hope this advice is useful to you. Would love some feedback if and how you could put it into practice on your blog… Also feel free to add your blog posting ideas.

Last updated: August 9th, 2018.