SEO 2.0 Goes Responsive Web Design with Origin

Screen shot of SEO 2.0 (this blog) using the clean and simple black and white Origin theme by Alien WP

SEO 2.0 goes responsive web design with the free WordPress theme Origin by AlienWP.

I kept my last theme for about 5 years by now and would even have sticked with it but it didn’t display properly on smartphones and tablets so I had to switch.

By now a third of all people are browsing the Web using a mobile device. You could argue that laptops are mobile too but you know what I mean.

Modern looks vs usability

The Pressbox theme I used for so long was hypermodern back then so that it didn’t grow old surprisingly, at least from the looks of it.

Still, I wanted to optimize SEO 2.0 for the people who read my blog while on the move. My old theme wasn’t responsive and thus was unusable on smartphones and hard to use on tablets.

I tried a few other responsive themes but to no avail. They looked good on demo sites but I couldn’t make them work with my content.

Origin by AlienWP was the first theme that worked out of the box despite being free.

I considered a free premium WP themes but “premium” in most cases means flashiness, feature creep and clutter.

Also you can’t test such a theme with your own blog content so I tried the free ones instead first. There was one premium theme I would have used but it wasn’t responsive aka mobile friendly.

Work in progress

Origin is not perfect yet, it’s the 0.4 version and it has some minor issues. Also I’m not finished yet customizing it.

While at it I reduced some additional clutter, for example I’ve removed some categories I haven’t really written about in recent years. Topics like

  • CSS
  • Germany
  • white hat

weren’t really on my agenda. I still have approx. 20 topics in my list not including the directory. I may discontinue the directory btw. as well. I haven’t decided yet. I hope you like my new look and it works on your devices.

Are there any issues? Does the theme look bad or ugly on your device? Please tell me in the comments below! Thank you in advance for your feedback!