Daily Routine Schedule for Enhanced Productivity and Happiness

How to manage your daily routine with a schedule that enhances productivity and makes you as happy as possible

Did you know that researchers found out people shouldn’t work more than 4 hours a day as their productivity diminishes if they work more?

In capitalism sadly we are far from achieving this ideal. In fact so called progress made us work more and more and longer hours in recent years. Despite automation being introduced gradually in more areas of expertise people are forced to do even more work to survive.

It’s not only the young girls who assemble your iPhones in China in a 60+h work week for the Chinese minimum wage. It’s also you who sits in front of the screen all day.

This won’t last forever, as this unfair system is inherently flawed and based on some people being excessively rich, while most others are struggling to survive to some degree. Here in Germany for instance the middle class is melting down while the number of working poor skyrockets. At the same time the filthy rich get richer.

The money is distributed more and more unequally. Accordingly the time is distributed in a similar manner. As time is money you will surely also notice that you have less and less time for your family, friends or your true interests.

As we can’t just go away to some other planet and I guess Cuba is not an option for most of us we have to deal with this situation.

Being a freelancer, and not a wage slave who has a slave master to force one to work, you are your own slave master in a way.

You have to force yourself everyday to leave your family, friends and real interests to go to work.

I struggled for years with doing that. Now after more than 5 years of being a freelancer and more than 3 working full time on my own I have found ways to be a good slave master and to enhance my productivity with a daily routine that both motivates me and makes me more efficient while not making me a dumb robot only performing tasks for the sake of money.

I want my work to make me as happy as possible even as I acknowledge that family, friends and other “real” not monetary interests are solely able to make you truly happy. Unless you’re Bhagwan/Osho who got rich by healing rich westerners. In this case the pursuit of happiness was part of the work I guess.

Here we go:

  1. Start early, do not sleep until 10AM or your day will be messed up already, it was tough for me, but I learned to get up in the morning. If you have kids you have to wake up early, so at least then you learn. In Berlin many freelancers work at night though.
  2. Do a work out, go for a jog or take your kids to school before work. You need contact with yourself and your body and also with other human beings before starting to work, ideally the beloved ones.
  3. Work at an office, do not work at home if you can afford it. Walk or go by public transportation to your office. Look at the surroundings or read something to wake up.
  4. At the office: Read the news at first. Start with general news or news not directly connected to your trade. Researchers have found out, that you need to know what’s going on in the world for a stable identity. Don’t read everything about wars, catastrophes and misery though as this might make you go suicidal.
  5. Do something creative at first, for instance blogging. On days where I do not write a blog entry, I lose motivation. Do not start with checking and replying your emails.
  6. Start with the nicer and easier tasks. I do web analytics, ranking checks and ego surfing for myself and my clients at first. I guess that stats are boring for many of you or not easy to look at so you have to think about something that fits for yourself.
  7. Check your emails before going to lunch. Just sort them. Sort them accordingly to priority and which ones need a reply which not. Reply only to those that need an immediate response and make it short, do not spend more than 30 minuets to do that. The rest of them must wait until evening.
  8. Go out for lunch. I mean go in the sense of take a walk preferably. It’s very important that you take a walk as sitting at a desk all day is not very healthy as you can probably guess. If you don’t move a little at least once a day your body will retaliate. Read a newspaper before or after eating. Do not read industry news as your mind needs a break too.
  9. Now after you finished lunch start with the most difficult tasks. Those that need your attention most. Try to perform those tasks for at least 2h in a row, better 3 or 4 with just standing up from time to time to move a little. Some people might argue that it’s best done before lunch. Yes it does, depending on what type you are. You have to decide yourself.
  10. Now pause and surf the web for half an hour, or better engage in some social media activities, especially if you have no one else to talk with at your office.
  11. Now, at the evening you can reply to your emails, make the paper work and all the other boring and annoying stuff.
  • Eat and drink all the time. Researchers have found out that the body absorbs nutrition best if you have something like 6 to 8 meals a day. Of course that’s too much to cope with so just eat all the time, each time you sense appetite or thirst.
  • Get up, stand up. Do not sit all the time. Move a little from time to time.
  • Switch off all the annoyances like instant messengers while you are at your main or most difficult and creative tasks.

Now you might ask, does it work for you? For me it works. It’s not perfect, but I’m not bankrupt or insane yet. So apparently it’s OK.

You can’t trick capitalism completely this way though. Of course you will be tired afterwards as well and sometimes you will think that you can enhance your productivity by skipping the reading of the news, going out for lunch, taking a walk and similar parts, but it doesn’t work. You’ll burn out after a while. You can’t live without having a body or identity.