6 Years of SEO 2.0 Anniversary


Yes, it’s already 6 years ago that I started SEO 2.0, the blog you are reading right now. So this is an anniversary! The blog had a lot of ups and downs ever since and it has slowed down for a few years. In a way my own success has limited my time to work on the weblog itself. I’m still here though and I’m not going anywhere.

In fact I am preparing the SEO 2.0 ebook which is half done by now.

As a small present to all those who have stayed with me I have set up a new short domain for SEO 2.0 – as my blog is predominantly read by an American audience, roughly 40% of visitors are from the US – the logical choice given that most .com etc. domain names are gone was:


Now you can type it in into your browser address bar and who knows maybe even Google will pick it up. I still block Google so that you can’t type SEO 2.0 into the address bar and get redirected via search so the new short domain will hopefully simplify your browsing experience a bit now.

I want to thank everybody who has supported me over the years.

I know who you are and one day I will be able to support you too I bet in case I haven’t done so yet. I’d like also to thank the whole SEO industry that has evolved pretty much since 2007. Much of what was 2.0 back then is common sense now and I’m glad it is. You don’t have to say “SEO 2.0” in most cases anymore because modern SEO is 2.0, 3.0 or even more advanced by now.

Keep on progressing everybody!